Monday, June 27, 2011

Would You Like Some Jelly?

Would You Like Some Jelly?
Any beach, worth it's salt here in costal Massachusetts has it's sandy pathways, leading to the shore, lined with Beach Plum. Summer after summer my children and I would walk past these prickly shrubs. They somehow made the grueling track, from the car to town beach more tolerable. Keeping the sand dunes intact so that our path remained un-obstructed.
Carrying coolers, chairs, blankets, towels with children in tow was certainly a workout, but always worth the effort. We would spend hours at the shore every chance we got. Days long since passed, wonderful memories treasured. Both of our children have a deep love and respect for the ocean, instilled by myself and their dad. A gift, I am proud to say, that keeps on giving. 
The Beach Plum, would eventually bear grape sized fruit, which I always warned the children not to pick or eat. Very bitter to the taste, mixed with enough sugar though, it makes a delicious sweet jelly. 
The Beach Plum, a trigger, that conjures up very sweet memories. No pun intended!!!

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lisa said...

Oh my goodness, what a memory Rosemary! I lived in Boston for several years, and made many trips to many of the beautiful beaches. I'd seen these quite a few times, but never knew what they were.

This is a beautiful photograph, and thank you for the wonderful memory!

BailiwickStudio said...

The east coast beaches are so much more interesting than our west coast beaches! All we have here in Southern California is iceplant separating the beach from the strand. No tall, wavy grasses, or weathered fences, and never any beach plum! ::Jill

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