Saturday, November 2, 2013

Back To My Roots!

Pastel drawing from: "The Red Boat Chronicle"
Pastel drawing from: "Forever Grateful" 

"Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about."~Steve Pavlina~

Back to what I really love to do! So fortunate to be enjoying an art class in Matlacha, Florida. I had several different art groups to choose from. Thinking long and hard about what place makes me feel really happy when I visit, the choice then became easy!
Fooling around with some inexpensive pastels that I had purchased for my grandchildren, I became intrigued. The control of the medium, for me, was refreshing. I wanted to learn more and what better place to learn, than an art class.
I have been blessed with an incredibly talented teacher. She is working with me on creating more depth in my work. There are about ten very creative and supportive students in the class all total.
Perspective, has always been one of my issues. I'm trying to conquer that issue and also taking away the fear of deliberate strokes. "It's only paper after all", my new mantra!
Both drawings are rendered from photographs I have taken, and featured previously on this blog. You can click on the links under the drawings to view the posts.
Matlacha, Florida is old Florida, converted into an artist community. Galleries, shops and restaurants line the main street.
Every cell in my body heightens with excitement as soon as I cross the bridge to get there. I no longer have inexpensive pastels and I am working my way up the chain. Sometimes passions don't come cheap, however, worth every penny! "It's only money after all." Working on that issue too!
Have a wonderful day!!!

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