Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My New Book "The Promise Of A Better Life"

After two years of research, interviews, visiting Ellis Island and along with the help and cooperation of family members, "The Promise Of A better Life" has come to fruition. As many of my blogging friends know I haven't been posting too often lately. It seems as though I get focused on a project and everything else goes by the wayside! This includes housework, etc., etc. Pretty sure I got my priorities straight, though. 
My mom turns 90 in a few short weeks and I will gift her a book consisting of our family's history, folklore and memoirs. Stories I have heard since my early childhood put into writing! 
We have solved some mysteries, discovered new details and most importantly this journey has  brought us closer together as a family. Many blessings have been acknowledged along the way. 
You can preview the first 15 out of the 108 pages in the book. Don't forget to view it full screen by clicking on the square icon located on the bottom right. 
This has been a labor of love, and I must say that it makes me very proud to honor and recognize those who have gone before us!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just Doodling!

Seaside Retreat
Vacation Villas 
A Lazy Afternoon
Just having fun! Doodles of my mind! Wouldn't you love to visit this imaginary place?
One would think that I grew up in the sixties or something!!!!
And so I did and the 50's too!

May the color of life fill your heart! 
"Be Happy Mon, life's to freakin short!"
Have a great and fun day! 

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