Friday, December 6, 2013

Mama Turns 90!!!

My mom turned 90 years old on Sunday, December 1, 2013. She was born on that date in 1923. She owes her longevity to her daily glass of wine!!!

Just a bit surprised when she discovers who traveled a long way to attend her party!!! My husband and I flew up from Florida to Massachusetts to enjoy this great event! She did not know we would be there!

Ninety is looking pretty darn good! She is still so beautiful inside and out!!! She still cooks up a storm!!!

Mom arrived in this beautiful car along with her sisters!

Cell phone anyone!!! Queen for a Day, was photographed many times over during the evening!!!
I just love this photo!

Mom clowning around with her three younger sisters. She has been telling me for several months now that she was turning 90. She has lived the longest out of all of her family! She is sibling  number 11, coming from of a family of 14. You go Mama!

Mom pictured with all of her grand-daughters and great-grand-daughters!
Do you think she likes being the center of attention???

Testing the cake with great-grand-daughter Charlotte. Charlotte's mom Kristen made the beautiful cake!

She danced the night away!

Grand-daughter Kristen and her daughter Charlotte. Kristen planned the event with her mom Terry. Together they created an incredible event! The decorations were outstanding! Fond memories for many years to come!

Three of mom's best friends, Sophie, Helen (my mother-in-law) and Dottie. Dottie lower right is 94! WOW!!! 
Also pictured is Aunty Edna in the far background, also 94.

My two beautiful grand-daughters, Sophia and Hannah, dressed for the occasion!
The theme for the party, "The Roaring Twenties".

Cousin Ricky dressed for the event. Looks like he could be the mayor of New Bedford!!!

Cousin Patty also dressed for the event! So beautiful!!!

Our beautiful Mom turned 90 last Sunday! It was a surprise event and over the top beautiful. Mom arrived in style, chauffeur and all. She was overwhelmed with emotion when she saw how many guests had attended in her honor.

After the meal guests were asked to tell a funny story about mom! There were many! She is a character and says whatever is on her mind! For the most part she gets away with it! She was also presented with the book that I wrote, The Promise of a Better Life. The story of her family and the legacy that they have left behind. 
She danced the night away! 
Crying, laughing and screaming that she was, Queen for a Day! 
My beautiful mom! We are so blessed to have her! 
She has taught us the true meaning of love and family. 

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics Rose! Loved every minute of her joy! Love Terry

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Happy Birthday to your dear Mom! She does not look 90! What a wonderful party she had. Lots of good memories. You are blessed to still have her.

Mersad said...

Happy birthday to your mom. These images really warm my heart, and I'm glad you did this big party for her. Have a great weekend.

Mersad Donko Photography

hootnonny said...

Looks like everyone had a roaring good time! She must have been overjoyed with your book!

MarmePurl said...

Wonderful! The theme, the fun, the energy, the Lady! Just Wonderful!

Kathy said...

What a great birthday tribute to a beautiful lady!

Debbie said...

oooohhhh what a fun party and your mom looks like a hoot!!

a beautiful woman with a great spirit. my favorite kind of girl!!

The Artful Diva said...

Oh my - what a fantastic party theme. Everyone looks glamorous in their Roaring 20's outfits. Happy Birthday to your mom!

TexWisGirl said...

how sweet of a celebration! so glad she had a great time with surprises, too.

thanks for stopping by today!

LindyLou Mac said...

What a lovely tribute to your Mum.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary you and your family are truly blessed to have your lovely Mom do 90 years and counting.

Happy 90th Birthday to her. Cheers to another glass of wine :)

sharon said...

WOW what a great birthday and your mom is beautiful despite the first picture..haha...I loved the car and your grandaughters are really fantasic she made it this far and still has a great smile and brown hair..looks like she will never be "old"...

Hilary said...

Rosemary, what a thoroughly enjoyable post and incredibly fun event. Your BEAUTIFUL mother is so inspiring. She and Dottie make the 90s look wonderful. This was a terrific celebration for your very lovely Queen of the Day. Happy Birthday to your wonderful mom.

Carola Bartz said...

What a heart warming story!! Happy birthday to your wonderful mom - she certainly is a character. I love the 20's fashion everyone is wearing. Your granddaughters are so beautiful, and little Charlotte is a cutie pie!

Barb Brookbank said...

How absolutely fabulous!

Sharon Wagner said...

What a fun flapper party! Your family rocks!

Julie G. said...

I had a big smile on my face while scrolling through this wonderful post. What a warm, beautiful family you have. Your mom looks fabulous! It is obvious from the photographs that a marvelous time was had by all ... especially the birthday girl!

Jennifer said...

Your Mom and I share a birthday: I was born on December 1st as well. She looks amazing for 90! I would never have guessed her age. What an amazing celebration and party. Please wish her a belated happy birthday!!!

Gail Dixon said...

Somehow I missed this post! Happy belated birthday to your beautiful mom!! Wow, she looks so young for her age. I always admire a woman who says what's on their mind. She looks like such a fun person!! Beautiful family, Rosemary. :)

kkkkaty said...

Loved this, too!

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