Sunday, December 30, 2012

Goodbye Christmas...Hello New Year!

As I say goodbye to yet another Christmas, I look forward to the new year with great anticipation!
I think of all the people and comforts of life that I am grateful for. When I think of Christmas past and all the things I thought I wanted or needed, I quickly realize the True Spirit of Christmas. Yes we have all heard this before but if you are still on the edge, know that it is the family and friends that surround you that make it all worth while. Trinkets and toys come and go but the people who love you are the gifts you want to cherish, the gifts you never want to return. 
Our family has lost a hero this year, my father in law passed in February! Somehow Christmas will never be the same, yet his message of love and kindness lives on in each and everyone of us that knew him. 
For sure I know, that for me, my hubby, children, grand-babies, family and friends are my treasured and most precious gifts! They are gifts that keep on giving. New beginnings are in the air, I embrace each blessing and challenge that comes my way! In the New Year, grant me the gratitude to realize, the tolerance to endure, the patience to wait, the acceptance to understand, please sprinkle them all with a dose of love and peace, may the world become a kinder place!

Below are a few quotes that I have recently found, I hope you enjoy them as well: 

"Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing." 

~Denis Waitley~ 

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved." 
~William Jennings Bryan~ 

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction."
~George Lorimer~ 

"Press on. Obstacles are seldom the same size tomorrow as they are today."
~Robert H. Schuller~ 

"Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~ 

"There is nothing in your destiny, nothing in your future that you cannot accomplish." 
~Larry King~

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
~Mark Twain

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Details!

Photos taken at the Burroughs, Langford Homes, Fort Myers Florida. Christmas cookies...

 Crystal box...

 Christmas elegance...

 A beautiful window...

 Waiting for Santa...

Enjoying a visit with Santa. I'm the one with the dorky smile in the middle...

 Two little elf enjoying a ride...

 A beautiful entrance to the Burroughs House...

 Santa busy sorting gifts for all the little children...

"May your Christmas Rock" 
The details for all of us are endless during the season! Trust that they will all come together soon enough! Take a deep breath, enjoy the Season and all that truly matters!

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love." ~Hamilton Wright Mabi~ 

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Trying To Understand!

 Magical Bedroom, The Langford House...

 Langford House, upper level...

 The White Room, second level...

 White Room...

Close up, The White Room...

"With all the horror and disappointment in mankind that sometimes overwhelms us, we must continue to believe!"~Rosemary Aubut~
I shed tears this morning for all the families who will never again celebrate Christmas in innocence and peace. My heart and soul aches for you! Hug and hold your children more dear people, love them with all of your heart!
Pictures above were taken at the Burroughs and Langford Kingston Homes, Fort Myers, Florida. Beautifully decorated and open to the public by the Fort Myers Women's Club! 
I'm trying to see beyond the horror but will never understand!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Grandma's Bragging Rights!

 Beached Boats, by Mike....

 mixing the colors...

 the master at work...

finishing touches...
Part of my recent four day stay in Massachusetts was to help my Grandson Mike with his Spanish homework. Now don't get me wrong I don't speak the language but I could certainly help him with the art project side of his homework. The assignment was to copy a painting of Joaquin Sorolla, a Spanish Impressionist! I may have studied him over 40 years ago but his name did not ring a bell! Mike looked through his work and decided on the boats, titled "Beached Boats" and printed it out. 
After a trip to the art store we were ready! I'm pretty sure I was more excited than he was! "I hate to paint Grandma," he proclaimed! That word "hate" usually translates into fear of the unknown. Don't you think?
Deep breath Grandma, one step at a time. With very little instruction and a few helpful hints, Mike ran with it. We were all amazed, as drawing is really his thing, he is in advanced art classes in school. He added a few extra touches and made it his own. He took his project to school the next morning, two weeks early. A very quiet young man, I know he was proud of it! His teacher was amazed and said she might have to keep it! Mike's comment, "you will have to fight my mom for it!" I'm hoping he paints a lot more and just maybe this summer while up north, I will just have to paint with him!
I am so darn proud of this kind and gentle soul. I love him so!!! 
A special Thank You, to his Spanish teacher who has expanded his horizons, certainly boosting his confidence! Great job! 
And for myself, just so honored that he asked! What else are grandmothers for????

"Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (February 27, 1863 - August 10, 1923) was a Spanish painter, born in Valencia, who excelled in the painting of portraits, landscapes, and monumental works of social and historical themes. His most typical works are characterized by a dexterous representation of the people and landscape under the sunlight of his native land."~google search~

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Four Day Whirlwind!

Why a whirlwind you ask? For those of you who follow my antics I will try to explain my absence and lack of commenting to my fellow bloggers! I flew up to Massachusetts for another event and a bonus birthday for my Mom ensued!
 My sister Terry called earlier in the week announcing she would have a surprise birthday party for mom who would be turning 89 on Saturday the first of December! Although in good health why wait until mom turns 90! We will just have to do it again next year she explained! Perfect, I would be there and help in any way that I could. Needless to say, in family tradition, there was enough food to feed an army! Sister Barbara would bring the cake and candles! About 50 people attended, including mom's six children, 10 of her 13 grand-children and four great grand-children. Friends, cousins, nieces, nephews and 2 of her 3 sisters also attended.

Mom was so happy and commented several times that her whole family was there. Not quite 89 candles but a beautiful display for a beautiful lady!

Mom with her friend Dotty who recently turned 94. 
Can you believe it???

Anniversary Flowers and Bridal Guest Registry above...
My daughter Kathy and her husband Brian celebrated their 20th anniversary earlier that week! An added bonus, magnifying all the festivities! 
Later that evening I helped my grandson Mike with an art project, which I will post about later this week. 
Monday was a bit more quiet, however, I had to start my day with a court date, disputing a ticket that I had acquired earlier in August while driving in Massachusetts. With sweaty palms and a bruised ego I was vindicated because of my good driving record! Not without a difficult time from the magistrate who decided to grill me for 20 minutes! Wow keeping my mouth shut, only answering his questions without a lot of explanation wasn't easy for me. My daughter was present and could not say a word, equally difficult for her! Enough about that though! 
I am a free woman! My friends will tease me forever! 
A lesson in humility, for sure! 
Some retail therapy and a great lunch with both of my children was later enjoyed! Kathy and I picked Sophie up from school and we headed home! Spent some great time with the kids, Sophie painted my nails blue and added some sparkly beads to one fingernail! Not my choice of color but we both loved the time it took to complete. She is such a hoot!
I was driven to the airport early on Tuesday morning by two of my great friends, Susie and Mary. We laughed all the way and I was so grateful that the normal one hour drive to Boston had turned into two because of traffic. I had so little time to spend with so many people that I care about!
Well folks there you have it and I am still recovering! Hubby picked me up at the airport here in Florida and it was great to see him! I missed him so!!! 
Have a great week everyone!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Decisions, Decisions!

View 1
View 2
View 3
View 4
View 5
We attended The Festival of Trees in downtown Fort Myers, last evening! The beautifully decorated trees are sponsored by different businesses and then auctioned off to the highest bidder, proceeds are then donated to charity. 
Excited to have had my camera in hand, my shutter finger was a'clicken! 
 I would like to use one of the photos for our Christmas card but just can't make up my mind. 
Partial to the last two though! 
Have a wonderful week! 

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photography Can Be Dangerous!

mystery bicycle by the sea...
such joy and levity you bring to me...
you bathe my heart in harmony...
"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."
~Oprah Winfrey~
After enjoying a great dinner in Bokeelia, Pine Island, Florida, with hubby and our visiting son we headed home. It was about six o'clockish, daylight retiring, a bit chilly and overcast. My shutter finger itching to capture me a photo of interest. Well ask and you shall receive! Round the bend I could see a hint of color and asked hubby to slow down, so I could investigate! How did I miss this one on the ride down, I thought?

There it was in all it's glory, a hand painted bike resting between two large palm trees begging to be captured. Hubby yelled at me to be careful as we were parked on a curve. Sometimes my excitement takes over common sense and I expect the waters to part so I can photograph! 
Click, click, click, I then realized where I was standing!!! Red ant hills everywhere and God only knows what lived under that scrubby brush??? Insects here are on steroids, I escaped unscathed, my creative beast almost satisfied!
So lucky am I though to have had dinner with two of my favorite guys and to have found this glorious bike displayed for the enjoyment of all that passed her. 
Guess it's all those little things we need to appreciate, those little things we need to celebrate! 

I used kim Klassen's texture, Kristin @ 85%. 
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day Salute!

they stood so the wind they blew

in a line of glory they tell a story...we salute our Veterans 

Elks Lodge 2606, Punta Gorda, Florida
"On this veterans Day, let us remember the service of our Veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our Veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free."~Dan Lipinski~ 
Have a Blessed and Happy Veterans Day!!!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Great Visit!

Our son Chris...our friend Marvin and his grandson in the background...
Fresh Water Large Mouth Bass...Aubut Spinning Rod, Shimano Reel...
Large Mouth Bass caught at Lake Fairways...
Large Mouth Bass...he was caught and released...
Large Mouth Bass...
Large Mouth Bass...Aubut Rod...caught with a top water plug...
The sun was setting and the wind picked up...
it was time to go home....
Our son Chris is visiting us here in Florida and we are thrilled to have him! His wife Allicyn is away on business and could not join him! Chris is a long time professional angler and used to guide in Key West, Florida and Westport, MA. He and Allicyn now reside in Falmouth, MA.
Chris recently started a custom rod building business along with Allicyn, his chief financial advisor and business consultant. Together they are quite the team. His years of experience on the water and knowledge of the habits of many species of fish has led him to design a great product!
You can visit his website @: He also blogs about his experiences and we laughed about blogging together later this week! Who would have thought it???
He will be visiting Key West in a few days to fish with his friend Aaron Snell to film and photograph for his website, parts of which are still under construction!
Recently he fished with with Michael Hogan, owner of Hogy Lures who wrote a great blog about fishing with Chris, using a light tackle travel rod designed by Chris. You can read about it here @:
You can also visit him on his Facebook page @:
Just a little "plug" for a "reel" great couple who "reelly" know their stuff!!! 

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