Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traits Inherited!

Traits Inherited 235/365 
"Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment."~Heywood Hale Broun~
The little wrought iron bench and table above are part of a four piece set that belonged to my mom and dad. Every few years it would get scraped with a wire brush and painted bright white. The set sat proudly in their front yard for many years. It now lives, still bright white, in my sisters yard. Freshly painted by my 87 year old mother! 
Visiting my mom yesterday was a joy as always. She asked me at least a half a dozen times if I were hungry and at least a dozen more if I were thirsty. Now this has nothing to do with her age but everything to do with the fact that she loves to cook and making sure we ate always a top priority. Always something warming on the stove or freshly made in the fridge ready to eat within minutes. Mom, now lives in an apartment attached to my sisters house. 
Dad who has passed loved his garden, flowers always in perfect rows, neat and color coordinated. He would spend much of his free time in the garden. 
It is a very interesting observation to see, which traits each of their six children inherited, from these two very hard working individuals. 
Speaking for myself, I love to eat but dislike cooking, everything is always frozen and ready for the microwave. l have a deep love and respect for flowers instilled by my dad, but I did not inherit the neat gene. My garden always hap-hazard, doing it's own thing. 
I did inherit from both of them, however, the love of family. I am never, ever afraid to get my hands dirty and sweat a little. I love to accomplish projects of interest. Gifts to treasure and DNA I am proud to own. 
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Common Cold!

Neatly tucked away are the pink petals that make this perennial so recognizable. About to bloom any day now they stand strong and tall. If you look really close, you will see a tiny pink spider towards the left forefront. More than just a pretty flower, echinacea has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb. 
"Results of archeological digs indicate that Native Americans may have used echinacea for more than 400 years to treat infections and wounds and as a general "cure-all." Throughout history people have used echinacea to treat scarlet fever, syphilis, malaria, blood poisoning, and diphtheria. Although this herb was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, its use began to decline in the United States after the introduction of antibiotics."~google search~ 
Now I'm not recommending that anyone start making a tea or tincture from these lovelies, but I do know that people still take it today to shorten the duration of the common cold. 
They grow here in New England in clumps, seem to propagate easily, if they love the sunny spot they are in. 
When they pass, grab a handful of the dried heads, crumple them up  and scatter the seeds about. Rake them into the soil a little and sure enough they will grace any garden, proudly, the following season. Can't wait to capture their wispy nature when they are in full bloom. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this wonderful tease. Have a great day!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous."~unknown~
I have always loved this quote and my very dear friend Nancy, did it for me in calligraphy and framed it as a present many years ago. It has remained in my home in a prominent place and I still read it from time to time, mainly because it rings so true. Nancy also hand wrote the words, I've Joined the Crew!, on the above birth announcement! I had designed some coloring books, invitations and birth announcements and had a small business called Whittle People & Company. It was long before home computers and I even used rub on letters for the baby stats above. A little crooked, as you can see. I would then take the originals to the printer and have them printed for sale.
What does any of this have to do with Allicyn Jayne, the baby mentioned above, you ask?
Recently, Nancy asked me where my future daughter-in-law, grew up and what was her last name. When I answered, she screamed very excited. Rose, Rose, I worked with her mom, many years ago for a very long time. I gave one of the birth announcements, that you designed to Allicyn, and entered her birth information, as a baby gift. Wow!
When I spoke to Allicyn and her mom about this, they were amazed. The birth announcement that I designed, hung in Allicyn's room for the first five years of her life. She and her mom dug it out and sent a photo of it to me, via cell phone. I did some touching up in photoshop as it had faded and my name not very clear. I designed this around 1980. 
We just love this beautiful, bright young woman and are so honored that she will part of our family. Do you believe in fate? Gosh I sure do, it is all just meant to be!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Would You Like Some Jelly?

Would You Like Some Jelly?
Any beach, worth it's salt here in costal Massachusetts has it's sandy pathways, leading to the shore, lined with Beach Plum. Summer after summer my children and I would walk past these prickly shrubs. They somehow made the grueling track, from the car to town beach more tolerable. Keeping the sand dunes intact so that our path remained un-obstructed.
Carrying coolers, chairs, blankets, towels with children in tow was certainly a workout, but always worth the effort. We would spend hours at the shore every chance we got. Days long since passed, wonderful memories treasured. Both of our children have a deep love and respect for the ocean, instilled by myself and their dad. A gift, I am proud to say, that keeps on giving. 
The Beach Plum, would eventually bear grape sized fruit, which I always warned the children not to pick or eat. Very bitter to the taste, mixed with enough sugar though, it makes a delicious sweet jelly. 
The Beach Plum, a trigger, that conjures up very sweet memories. No pun intended!!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Loyal Garden Friends!

Loyal Old Garden Friends
Other than weeds, I am not sure there is any plant hardier than the Hosta. They can survive in a landscape with little to no care. Cutting them back, or splitting them up seems to be their only requirement, as they can grow very large. I threw one in the woods once and the following summer it had rooted itself and began to bloom. They provide amazing texture and their colors vary from the deep blue greens, chartreuse, cheery lime greens and some varieties are variegated, lending beautiful contrast to any garden palette. They are members of the lily family and do very well in the shade. In bloom they shoot up sturdy stocks and usually flowering in subtle hues of lavender and some in white. 
I captured this beauty yesterday about to grace the world. She is one of many blooms living on the same plant. I seem to be on a macro toot lately and having loads of fun with my new  camera. Will bring you more photos of this loyal old friend, as my daughter has several varieties around her yard. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Putting On The Dog!

Putting On The Dog
While the family was setting up for a giant neighborhood yard sale, I decided to take a little break. As habit would have it, I grabbed my camera and wandered about the yard. Approaching a dogwood tree in full bloom, I captured this very engaged little black fly. I think she was feeding on the nectar of one of it's flowers. I guess flies eat almost anything, but I  usually catch them feeding on decaying matter and excrements. Yuck! 
Fascinating, I thought, upon viewing this capture, I never knew they were so hairy, as I am usually swatting at them, to annoyed to notice. 
Watching this insect go about her day, was truly a learning experience for me enhanced by the lens of my camera. I will forever think of flies, as wearing, little fur coats, patent leather wings and Dior sunglasses. Dining on some of the splendiferous food that Mother Nature, has prepared. Now, doesn't that just make this irritating little creature seem more tolerable??? Thank goodness for dogwood trees, as this photo of, Madame Flychincloss, would have never materialized! Have a wonderful day!
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Of The Last!

Last of The Last
The last of the last! Yes, the last surviving peony in my daughter's yard. Doesn't it look delicious? The last tease until next season! I know you must be thinking, enough already with the peonies, but I just can't seem to help myself. Have I mentioned just a few times that I love them so???
A few more of my old props in the background, I photographed this still life from several different angles, somehow, magically the peony became the focal point. Big surprise! 
I used my 50mm lens to create the clarity in the front with a bokeh background. The possibilities to photograph here are endless. I will move outside as soon as it stops raining and the temperatures rise a little. It was in the low sixties yesterday, a little hard to take since I left the nineties, with no rain in sunny, Florida. Part of the charm here in New England, however. I will continue to search for old props and there are some roses outside my window that are just begging me to photograph them. We shall see what tomorrow brings??? 
Have a wonderful day! 

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Time Favorite!

Old Time Favorite
"Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas."~Elizabeth Murray~

Is there any flower that screams summer more than petunias? Their color vibrant, ready to capture the focal point in any garden. I have grown them for many years with varying degrees of success, depending on the variety. Mostly taking them for granted, as they are readily available everywhere and easy to grow. My relationship with them started many years ago, when my dad helped me plant my first hanging basket. Pinch them back, don't let them get to leggy and don't be afraid, they will come back, fertilize once a week, he would declare. Great advice that I follow to this day. I wish I could take credit for the beautiful basket above, but I cannot. There are two baskets facing each other, framing the entrance to my sister-in-law's backyard. Their playful nature  and whimsical attitude, a perfect choice, lending vibrant color, a beautiful contrast to the shades of green that surround them. 
Sweet petunia's, sweet memories and visual delight. 
What more could one ask of a garden???

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Less Is More!

Less Is More
"Less is more."~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
When we moved to Florida, I left behind many things. Our new life style would be free of dust collectors, bright and airy. When we come north to stay with our daughter, I also get to visit  some of my old things, of which she was the recipient. Above is an old desk that belonged to my great aunt. It is oak, a fine wood but not my style, I loved the silhouette of it, however. Out came the sandpaper, white paint and just like magic, I made it my own, years ago. It now lives in my daughter's kitchen. The waterford vase and candlesticks were also mine. Do I miss these things? Sometimes I do, but usually only when I'm looking for props to photograph. Yup, that's what things have come to mean to me folks, PROPS, to photograph. I always did hate to dust. Hope you enjoy visiting some of my prior possessions, as much as I do. Love the minimalist kind of feel I get from this arrangement. Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beyond Boundaries!

Beyond Boundaries
"Put a fence of wall around a garden and there's now an inside and an outside. You've set off private from public and defined the garden's limits. There's a sense of belonging and of ownership, of stewardship over the land that the walls encompass. You've also defined the scope of your work and delineated the size of your canvas."~Linda Joan Smith~
I just love old fences and this one just lends itself so beautifully to the climbing roses that it supports. Look at the luscious color of the moss maturing comfortably on it. Character, yes this fence has character. I am sure that the salty ocean breezes create the perfect environment for these spores to thrive. Time has a way of encompassing what man has created, back into the waiting arms of Mother Nature. In this world of synthetics and polymers, give me an old fence anytime, especially bejeweled by flowers, sparking my curiosity into viewing what is beyond the boundaries of which it encompasses. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Moments Remembered!

Sweet Moments
"Flowers have spoken to me more than I can tell in written words. They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved by all men for the beauty of their character, though few can decipher even fragments of their meaning."     ~Lydia M. Child~
We enjoyed Father's Day, yesterday with family at my brother-in-laws, gorgeous home. 
Jo Ann, his wife loves to garden and their yard exploding with precious treasure. My father-in-law and myself meandered about the gardens as I shot some photos, Dad was asking questions about some of the foliage and flowers in bloom. These precious few moments I spent with him, will be forever etched in my memory! He is such a kind and gentle man. 
Jo Ann, had cut these peonies earlier in the day and their fragrance filled the kitchen with a sweet perfume. I had never realized the power of their aroma, before yesterday. It reminded me of something or someone from my childhood, but I can't quite put my finger on it. 
Almost spent, their beauty still worthy of my instrument of capture. 
Once again, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the splendor of these flowers, they delight my senses and speak to my soul. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 
Have a wonderful day! 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Father, Dad, Daddy  
I took this photo several years ago of our son-in-law Brian, and grandson Michael. Mike now towers over his dad at the tender age of fifteen. It has always been one of my favorites for many reasons. Look at the powerful connection in the body language here. Such love and respect. There are father's, dad's and daddy's, Brian wears the hat of all three well, to his three beautiful children. He has taken the responsibility of fatherhood and has gone above and beyond all expectations. As grandparents, it does our hearts good to see our children become the role models that children require. It is also Brian's, birthday today and we wish him, many more!
To all the father's I know, my husband, father-in-law, brothers, brother-in-laws, uncles, cousins, friends, etc., etc., etc., and to anyone else who takes on the role with the responsibility, that the title requires, I wish you all the best of days, today.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waiting for Grandma!

The Magnificent Peony
"The traditional floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower, peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage."~google search~

It's as though a few of these magical flowers waited for me to capture their essence. When I see photographs of them on other blogs, their beauty captures my attention for quite some time. It is a flower that I cannot grow in Florida and I miss them so. Most of the peonies had gone by, but this one bush in front of my daughter's house had a few remaining gems, although most a bit tattered. The light was perfect as there was no bright sun to interfere with their capture. I was in photo heaven. 
Later, Sophie and I cut a few and brought them in the house to enjoy. Sophie is a delightful child and is definitely her grandma's shadow. She loves to write and we talked about her starting a blog of her own. She keeps a journal and reading it for me, is quite a treat. It is amazing what a nine year old, observes today! It will be strictly monitored and I can't wait to see the world thru her eyes and what a great learning experience this will be for her. She will post once or twice a week as not to interfere with school and other activities. I will share with all of you a link when it is done. Her world is wispy, willowy and loaded with fun, like that of a sweet peony. I pray to God, that he grants her filters of common sense and good judgement as she is truly a free spirit with the ability to soar a little to quickly sometimes. It is the world of a nine year old filled with beauty, dreams, puppies and fairytales. Can't wait to get started. Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to Your Roots!

No Roll, No Toll
I think I should start a grassroots organization called, "No Roll, No Toll." For  eleven hundred miles not one toll booth, with no delays, as soon as we hit the, New Jersey Turnpike, right thru New York into Connecticut, you are toll boothed to death. We paid a total of $28.80 in tolls for some of the most congested, dangerous stretch of road you can imagine. Where does all that money go? As far as I can tell it certainly doesn't go into pothole repair. The traffic was moving over the GW Bridge, ever so slowly, stopping at times. As luck would have it, we were right behind a stink tank carrying three porta-potties, with no lane to cross into, I prayed he did not have to slam on his brakes! We won't even discuss, Frumpy the Clown, navigating an ice cream truck!
If you have ever heard that New York drivers are the worst, you have heard correct and not a cop around for miles and miles. These people are still playing bumper cars and have the dents to prove it. They fly out of an exit and cross over two lanes without looking and then slow down right in front of you! Yikes! I am not a good passenger and think I suffer from what I call, passenger tourettes. I have now dubbed my husband, King of the Road, he got us here safely.
OK, now that I got that off my AAA chest, it was a wonderful welcome home. The children are all thriving and lots of hugs and kisses were passed around. Max and Daisy were also ecstatic to see us! Got to get my grandma roller skates on, the girls already have some craft projects picked out and Mike needs some help decorating his new man cave. To be fifteen again! What does all this have to do with a Lacecap Hydrangea? Nothing, they are everywhere here and I love them so and thought you might enjoy them too.
It's great to be here and we look forward to a wonderful summer. Have a great day!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Homewood Bound!

On The Road Again 

"Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything."~Charles Kuralt~

How true is this quote! This also applies from south to north, as well. As far as highways go I have to say that 95 is pretty darn boring. North Carolina, however gets my award for the most well manicured state, so far. There were many unique flowering trees and long stretches of yellow lilies planted in oblong beds all along the highway. Very nice to view at 70MPH.
The journey was uneventful yesterday, no lost purses and spilt drinks to report. The Prince of Karaoke still singing and I'm still writing. The only hairy part of the ride thus far, was going thru DC. The roads are still under construction on 495 and our GPS, named Tywanda was going crazy. I think she was as confused as we were, but her job well done in the end.

We stayed in Elkton, Maryland last night and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Elkton is about twenty minutes from where we need to pick up the, New Jersey Turnpike, later this morning! 
I am very excited to see my children tonight and have a relaxing dinner with them. Did I say relaxing? Oh well it certainly won't be boring! My little Sophia, does not know that Grandma and PaPa will be home tonight and she will be the most excited! Max and Daisy, the family pets will be most excited to see PaPa, he feeds them treats every chance he gets. I'll bet he sings to them too, when no one is listening, he just loves those darn dogs.
Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's All In How You Carry Yourself!

Stand Up Straight...
So we made it to Florence, South Carolina, about 650 miles north of Fort Myers. The Prince of Karaoke, sang oldies all the way up and I was jotting down some ideas for a post. The funny thing about retirement is that you learn some interesting things about yourself. Will, discovered he can sing and I discovered I can write. Who would have thunk it??? Sounds like a song title doesn't it! "He can Sing and She can write." Putting words to music, now that's a dangerous area I wish to take no part of. 
We stopped for breakfast in North Port, Florida and later stopped in St. Mary's, GA for lunch. I went to grab my purse and it was no where to be found. I panicked! Oh my goodness I must have left it at the breakfast. I looked one more time and it had fallen behind the seat and lodged itself under some golf clubs. Still shaking, I breathed a sigh of relief. What a terrible feeling! 
As we sat for lunch, enjoying our artery clogging morsels, The Karaoke Prince, accidentally spilled a giant glass of coke filled with ice, across the table right into my waiting lap. After the purse incident it was actually quite refreshing and luckily my food remained dry. A kind young man rushed some napkins over to me. I thanked him, but knew the ladies room was in order.
So how does a pleasantly plump, sixty three year old woman, attract the attention of five handsome, construction workers and stop them, mid bite into their burgers? Yes, that is correct, they were between me and the ladies room and had not witnessed the incident. Now do I have to describe to you what I looked like, coca cola from the who-ha down? Attitude, I thought, I will just have to hold my head up high, suck it in, stand up straight and fluff my AAA chest! Just like it didn't matter and in the big scheme of things it really doesn't. I believe it's all in how you carry yourself! I just whizzed on by! Not even a snicker, or at least not one that I could hear! That is the nice part of being my age, who cares, it's not like they were going to call a urologist or better yet a nursing home. Thirty years ago I probably would have crawled into a hole and not come out. It's all in a day's fun and the Prince, is still apologizing. Wonder what he will sing for me today? He is just so darn cute!
We hope to make it north of DC, today and then on to the black diamond trail of the Northeast Corridor! Wonder if I brought a raincoat, it could come in handy in more ways than one.  Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farewell Dear Friends!

On The Road Again
"Everyday a Saturday and every meal a feast."~Will Aubut~
My husband coined the phrase above when he retired almost four years ago on 7/7/07. Retirement for us has been constant motion and sometimes I wonder how we fit working in at all.
Today I must wear my rose colored glasses, however. My heart heavy, as we say goodbye to all our friends here at, Lake Fairways. We have had a wonderful year meeting new people and expanding our second family! Many, many laughs and a few bumps, but all in all, I have to say this retirement stuff is the way to go. 
My heart, also filled with joy as we make our yearly journey north today. We are not exactly snow birds as we spend nine months a year here in Florida and three in Massachusetts, a bit longer than the average bird. It's called I miss the kids time, honey! Our beautiful grandchildren are fifteen, twelve and nine. Ages when summertime supervision is greatly needed and required. Grandma and PaPa to the rescue, with pleasure. I have my roller skates on and we are up for the challenge, with love. 
If we did not see you before we left, we say goodbye and will see you in September. Well I have to run now, PaPa has finished loading the car and is ready to roll. On the road again! See you soon my sweet babies. Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Strolling Along!

The Elusive Sandhill Crane
Finally I captured their essence last evening! They are a pretty common sight here on the golf course or so I thought, until I went looking for them to photograph. They are not easily spooked and their very large stature quite a sight to behold. A full grown adult can grow to 48 inches. Our friends Gail and Sheldon rented here in March on a pond and while eating breakfast a couple of these creatures meandered by Gail, startled she yelled, "come look Sheldon, there are pterodactyls here!" Yes Gail, I can understand the association.
If they look drenched it is because they are. While scouting for them, our golf cart expedition was poured upon. We took cover under a strangers carport for a short while. Emerging from our haven we proceeded to the third hole and there they were, five of them just strolling around. I'll bet eating becomes a feast after a sudden deluge of water. I looked to my left and these two beauties came strolling down from the green right to my waiting lens. Just to darn good to be true. Suddenly they flew off in a remarkable display of grandeur. Their shrilling but distinct sounds difficult to describe. 
I will always remain in awe of their size and their ability to waltz to the peacefulness of nature and grace our landscape. The Sandhill Crane a sight to behold.
 Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Angel Catchers!

Angel Catchers
If angels transformed to raindrops and they rained from heaven, would this not be a perfect place for them to dwell. I do not know the proper name for this delicate little flower but I think Angel Catcher maybe somehow, now, appropriate.
When a friend falls ill, we feel helpless and offer up our thoughts and prayers for their speedy recovery. Feeling helpless but hopeful, I offer up this prayer for you my friend.
May the nectar of science fill your body with the healing light of thousands of candles, lit in every church throughout the land. That St. Jude, St. Theresa and St. Anne hold you in their loving arms and bathe you in the cradle of strength. May every healthy cell ban together and fight the unwelcome invader and dash it's invitation to fester. Angels from heaven drench my friend and envelop her in the healing illumination of prayer. Angel Catchers abound and flourish. May her mind, body and spirit come together in unity and help keep her whole and powerful. This is my prayer for you my friend, I know you have the will to fight and the courage to win. As win you must, no other option acceptable!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hornets Have To Eat Too!

Hornets Have To Eat Too
I took this photo at a garden center recently. I couldn't help thinking that I don't remember ever seeing a hornet a top of a flower before. They are usually hiding behind a shutter or some small crevice just waiting to scare the peejeebies out of you! I sat on one once and let me tell you that, it was a site to behold! OUCH!!!!! But as scary as theses little creature are, they have to eat too! There must be some higher purpose in nature for them, I thought. 
I googled, what do hornets eat? 
"Adult food consists of nectar or other sugary solutions such as honeydew and the juices of ripe fruits. Hornets hunt other insects, caterpillars, spiders, and even other bees and wasps to supply protein to larvae. They also chew plant material, like tree bark, to build their nests."
Read more:
Wow, I'm starting to see a food chain emerging here! The only natural enemy I could find is that of  man and all of his chemicals to rid them from our presence. Well I guess as long as they keep eating other insects, especially mosquitoes, and stay away from any place that I sit, I can respect their place in nature and yes they will always scare the peejeebies out of me! ! Enjoy the photo and have a wonderful day!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Art for The Sake of Art!

Art for The Sake of Art

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."~Edgar Degas~

OK, lets put on your artist's beret today and let's play artist. Please, just for one moment! 
What is the first thing that you see here? Does it evoke emotion, good or bad? Do you consider this art or just a photograph? Would you display it in your home? Is it to pink, to pale, to close or to abstract? The answer to any of these questions, lies in the interpretation of the person viewing it! A dear friend asked me, how do you know when enough is enough when it comes to photo editing? I guess the answer to that is I don't really know! I just trust my skill and my instincts, when I think it looks good, then it is done! 
Each and everyone of us has that ability! Oh, yes, yes, you do, you certainly know what you don't like, don't you? Doubtful, the question then becomes will it please others or meet up to someone else's standards? I think we must remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and that we certainly can't please everyone, trite maybe, but OH so true! 
"Doubt, lends itself to fear, the single most obstacle for any project to materialize."
~Rosemary Aubut~

Watch children create, they are truly magic, they just grab and do, no fear, feet first so to speak. It's when we as adult's impose our rules on their creativity that they become doubtful! 
  I say color outside the lines, people! Now grab that palette and go for it!! 

Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Great Escape!

Air Drying
Run On Water
There he was standing at the water's edge all proud, while air drying his massive wings in the warmth of the setting sun. Let's just say that birds make a statement here in Florida, their size alone captivating. Their playful antics, sometimes outrageous, sometimes amusing and most of the time just pure entertainment. 
The golf cart expedition, with hubby as chauffeur began around seven PM, after dinner at the Pub. We met a couple who told us that there were sand hill cranes over on the second hole. These beautiful birds have eluded us for three days now. Once again they remained elusive. We did however, manage to capture this skittish anninga bird. I approached him cautiously with camera to eye, sure of my footing as a large expanse of grass lay before me. The click of the shutter spooked him into a great escape and he literally ran a top of the water. I think I captured his unanticipated exit well. He dove down deep, with only his head visible above water, after a few seconds. Looks like more drying time may have been in order. 
I think that we shall never tire of the awesome show that Mother Nature, provides us well, on a daily basis. It is all there for the viewing. In search of the elusive cranes today. Hope to bring you those photos tomorrow!!! Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shark Fest!

A Joint Effort Enjoyed By All

If any of you remember the post from April 14, entitled, Catch of the Day, then you will remember these two! John, on the right, caught his first saltwater fish and it just happened to be a 125 pound shark. He and my husband Will, on the left, filleted the giant catch after their charter. Judy, John's, better half, thought we should have a shark fest. Last night they shared their bounty with fifty four of our friends. The shark was prepared in three different ways. We grilled it, baked it, and fried the rest. The general consensuses was that fried tasted the best. Pot luck was in order and I think we could have fed another fifty four people. The generosity of all these people, is overwhelming! Our second family, it is a wonderful feeling! 
Aren't Will and John, cute in their matching Budweiser, aprons? Just love a man on the grill!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Show in Town!

The Best Show in Town
As I was just about to nestle in, on my comfortable couch, my husband said, "come on lets take a ride in the golf cart, it's a beautiful night!" Bring your camera, were the magic words and probably the only words that could make me move and so the golf cart expedition began! We circled every hole on the golf course with no luck. The ponds were still, the air warm and the light just perfect. I was able to capture a small squirrel, but somehow his capture seemed uneventful. We were looking for Sand Hill Cranes, which we had seen earlier in the day! Lets go over to Pine Lakes, he suggested, but my comfy couch was calling to me ever so softly. The light still perfect, I figured let's give it one more try, the comforts of home will just have to wait! 
My husband has the eye of an eagle! By that I mean the man can spot things in nature that my mind simply cannot comprehend! Suddenly he stopped the cart, "an owl, look there!" With a loud whooshing sound the large bird flew from the ground to a neighboring tree! Wow, his size and wing span remarkable. My adrenaline pumping, I approached slowly. 
He looked at my lens intently, as if to say "lets get this over with Granny, I'll give you your fifteen seconds of fame and that's it!" 
Just look at his magnificence, standing so proud and impeccably manicured. I got several shots when a small Mockingbird flew in to antagonize the situation, the nerve of this little guy! The owl flew off with an impressive departure, I felt the air move from the rapid flapping of his massive wings. 
The expedition moved forward, all proud of our captures. I really need to start using my DVR more, the best show in town is preformed at dusk, daily, right in my own back yard! 
My couch, well it will always be there to offer me a restful place!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is Just a Bowl of Roses!

Life is Just a Bowl of Roses
"Rose Colored Glasses are never made in bifocals. Nobody wants to read the small print in dreams."
~Ann Landers~
Despite the harsh realities of life, of which I am well aware, I do believe we all need those rose colored glasses at times to see life in a softer light! Do you remember as a child being told to, stop day dreaming? Get with the program! Get your head out of the sand! Wake up and smell the coffee! You can't have your cake and eat it too! Life is not a bowl of cherries! You are such a Pollyanna! Blah, Blah, Blah!
Well folks I have to tell you as an adult, I want my cake and I want to eat it too! I love to wake up and smell the coffee! Sometimes my head needs to be in the sand by choice, there are some things I really don't want to know! I love to day dream, some of my best ideas have been born in this space! Whose program was I ever supposed to get with anyway??? 
As far as cherries go, just don't digest the pits! Pollyanna, has now been upgraded to 
Polly-Nanna, a title I wear with pride!
With all the negative rubbish that floats our way on a daily basis we need to wear rose colored glasses to keep visions of sugarplums, puppies, rainbows and dreams, coming our way! 
It is our right to be happy and it is our choice, whether to sleep on a bed of roses or a bed of nails! Rose colored glasses come in all sizes and strengths, I suggest you try a pair! 
"I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams."~Jonas Salk~
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Look Before You Cross!

Look Before You Cross
"Make Way for Ducklings"~Robert McCloskey~

Have you ever seen anything sweeter than a mother duck, followed by her ducklings? My husband called to me yesterday and said, "you have to see this, bring your camera!" I think mama duck was giving her offspring swimming lessons, along with warnings of the perils of sleeping alligators. 
Look before you cross, I am sure were her wise quacks! Sometimes I just quack myself up!!! Maybe I am just going quackers??? Maybe it's that ringtone of ducks quacking on my 
iPhone? OK, enough already!
Certain photos just scream a title and this one certainly did for me. I cropped the original and added several textures for this end result. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 

Have yourself a ducky little day, filled with laughter and healing rays of sunshine!

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