Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shark Fest!

A Joint Effort Enjoyed By All

If any of you remember the post from April 14, entitled, Catch of the Day, then you will remember these two! John, on the right, caught his first saltwater fish and it just happened to be a 125 pound shark. He and my husband Will, on the left, filleted the giant catch after their charter. Judy, John's, better half, thought we should have a shark fest. Last night they shared their bounty with fifty four of our friends. The shark was prepared in three different ways. We grilled it, baked it, and fried the rest. The general consensuses was that fried tasted the best. Pot luck was in order and I think we could have fed another fifty four people. The generosity of all these people, is overwhelming! Our second family, it is a wonderful feeling! 
Aren't Will and John, cute in their matching Budweiser, aprons? Just love a man on the grill!

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1 comment:

Gail Dixon said...

What an awesome dinner that must've been! Sounds like an amazing time. :)

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