Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love A Bargain!

Love A Bargain
"Finding a bargain on something you really love and also need is like a chorus of angels singing Alleluia, along with Jesus jingling loose pocket change, accompanied by Michael the Archangel, on the horn!"(not sure about taking credit for this one, but I will)~Rosemary Aubut~
Vowing to keep my new Florida lifestyle, simple and uncluttered, there would be no fabric on my windows. Just let the sunshine in, with every glowing opportunity.

Coming from a textile oriented family, this was a very tall order. My mom would visit and tell me that, I needed something soft, just above my windows. Well, turns out she was right! The starkness and noise levels needed some softening and so the hunt began!
I came across a linen fabric, I adored. It was $38.00 a yard, far more than I was willing to spend. I did the math and decided that maybe I could skimp and get away with less fabric. No, no, skimping is just not in my nature. I continued to look and nothing else seemed to measure up. Not even close, I would think about it. 
Visiting the same fabric store a couple of weeks later, I couldn't help notice
 the sale signs! The same fabric, $15.99 a yard and I had a coupon for fifty precent off. Suddenly the Alleluia Chorus began to bellow thru my being. Yes, just sweet music to my wallet! It was mine! 
Looking for lining, I came across the end of bolts and discontinued fabrics section and as usual I was sucked right in. There it was, in a slightly different color that would work for $4.00 a yard, yes $4.00, not coupon worthy, however. Sweet Jesus, I almost broke a leg getting to the cutting table. I'll take it all, I proclaimed. Any extra would become pillows and the like. Maybe I could even make myself a top??? I just love that linen rumpled kind of look. The entire project came to less than a hundred dollars including the lining, which was coupon worthy. I have enough left to make myself a string bikini, unfortunately it wouldn't be the fabric that was rumpled!!! 
You know, when it works it works, the planets align themselves and new creations come to fruition!!! They are just meant to be. Just love a bargain, you bet, just loooove a bargain!!! 

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Monday, May 30, 2011

We Honor Them!

Memorial Day
"I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it.  We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did."~Benjamin Harrison~
To all that given so that we may enjoy our precious Freedom!
"How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!" ~Maya Angelou~
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Bee's Work is Never Done!

A Bee's Work is Never Done
"The happiness of the bee is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it."         ~Jacques Yves Cousteau~
Wow, look at this little guy! He is doing what bees do best! Just spreading the pollen, for new life. If you look closely you will see a yellow clump of pollen stuck to his little foot. Yes, I am pretty sure that's what it is. For me an interesting capture. I never thought much about how they spread their pollen, I just knew that they did! Stinging, if one interferes with their busy work, so we must let the busy bee, be. To go about the important business of just being a bee. To do the divine work of Mother Nature, in a peaceful and uninterrupted sort of way! Contributing to the sweet nectar of life itself.
Yes, I think I will spread some positive pollen today, a very safe place to be. We all know that it is easier to step in dog poop, but be careful wise one, you could get stung along the way!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts To Ponder!

Prescription For Success
"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."
Ralph Waldo Emerson~

I love, love, love this quote! Let me say it one more time, "I love this quote"! Why do you love it so much, Rose? Let me Xplain, Lucy!!!
To laugh often and much: This is an easy one for me, I love to laugh, hang around people who make me laugh or at least try to! Forgiving myself for my mistakes can be amusing. Life is to darn short, worry takes up to much time and usually doesn't change a thing.
To win the respect of intelligent people: Try listening more, they have a lot to say and will respect the fact that you did! More importantly just be who you are, no pretense.
The affection of children: Easy one, just get on the floor and play a game with them, even if your knees hurt badly! All they need is time, not things.
To earn the appreciation of honest critics: It's all in how you say it! I feel that an honest critic will criticize, constructively. To demean a person's efforts holds no value!
To endure the betrayal of false friends: This can be very painful, we have all been there. This hurts more when there is no explanation, you have been written off their list and have no idea why! Consolation, lies in the fact that they own it!
To appreciate beauty: It is all around us, just take a mindful look and you will see! Mother Nature is a wonderful source!
To find the best in others: Not always easy, but try figuring out from whence they came and keep a dose of tolerance on hand! 
To leave the world a better place: I truly believe that anyone I ever knew personally, that has passed has left this world a better place and I have breathed easier because of them! My wish, to do the same! This be my recipe for success! Start mixing your own ingredients, add to Mr. Emerson's list, along with your own interpretation. I know you can! Quiz tomorrow!!!
Ironically my friend Judy and I came across this quote in a gift shop recently! I wish her a Happy Birthday today and just to let her know she makes me laugh all the time. She makes me a better person for knowing her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY,  Dear One! You will always be older than me!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Accidents!

So what exactly does SOOC mean? Well it means "straight out of the camera, not photoshopped (no editing)! Honestly, I did not make that up! I will admit to cropping about an inch off the right hand side, as I did not find it pleasing to the overall composition. Anal Retentive Attention Disorder, ARAD! Not to be confused with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I display those symptoms when it comes to housework!
Going thru my vacation photos I came across this shot. Remembering that I had been trying to get a photo of the elusive magnolia for days, they had either passed or were just to darn high to photograph. There's one, or so I thought. I held the camera way over my head, pointed and clicked. Above was the end result! At first glance I was disappointed, the LCD screen did it no justice. I was just not tall enough and my husband's back just not strong enough to lift me. God, those days are over! 
I was going to delete it and decided not to. Well folks, sometimes with digital photography in these days of instant gratification, Happy Accidents Happen! H A H! That's my newest acronym, along with ARAD.
Viewing the photo on my computer screen, really captured my attention. Loved the crispness of the half captured magnolia with the bokeh (In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out- of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points...~google~) effect of the fascinating cemetery behind. Kind of gives it that eerie feeling, don't you think?
Still mastering the automatic setting on my camera along with SOOC, I will be sure to bring you more HAH! HE HE, LOL! Have a wonderful day!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


"When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible."~author unknown~
Yeah! Two hundred completed, one hundred sixty five to go! As many of you know my goal is to publish a book as a legacy for my children, grandchildren and generations forward! 
I would commit to one post a day for a solid year! In some ways not such a big deal when you have the time to do it, and in others a huge commitment and a great deal of work! Somedays I have no clue what to say or what photograph to use, but I trust in my soul that it will come. Somedays are clearly better than others, but all in all to write positive words and most importantly try to live them, have brought me such great pleasure in knowing that nothing is impossible. Guess it proves the theory that what you put out there comes back to you tenfold.
I wrote the following words on January 1st, 2011, as part of my New years Resolution:
"A simple smile, a kind word, to make another person feel good about themselves on a daily basis are some of my goals this coming year. To take photos that evoke memories of good times shared, or of something pleasant and beautiful to view, that makes one pause and take notice for a brief moment, is another. A commitment to achieve one small goal at a time and stick to it! Most of all to live by example, because when you think no one is watching they really are, especially children!  
Commitment, I really like that word and that's my new word for the year and by golly I'm sticking to it!"~Rosemary Aubut~Have I fallen off that dingy of virtue, at times? You bet! But I'm swimming hard in the cleansing waters of hope!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Eye of The Needle!

Yes I Can
"It is easier for a blind man to thread a needle, than a man with vision and no passion to try."~Rosemary Aubut~
It is the serenade of chalk, greeting a blackboard, enveloping my ear drums, when I hear the phrase,"I can't." Yes you can, just give it a try, darn it! 
The phrase "I can't" is usually based upon the fear of, I don't know how, or I don't have to know how, someone else can do it for me! How often have we heard people say, I hate computers! Do they really hate them or is it that they don't understand them. There is no harm in trying, and maybe, just maybe, you will succeed. Turn that passion into perseverance, water it with a little patience, a savory recipe for triumph. All learned skills build upon each other, cementing a foundation, nurturing the confidence to try again, if need be!
The composition of this photo is nothing new and I have seen it several times before. I have always admired it's skillful, simplicity. I have learned a few techniques with my camera today and will definitely try this again, maybe in a different setting next time. Got to shed more light on that needle!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Big Girl Button!

My New Button
I am so excited today, I can hardly stand it! I have a Big Girl Button!  Look over to the upper right hand column and you will see the above photo with a funny little code under it, in a box. 
I have made several attempts at achieving this goal with no success. I vowed I would not leave the computer until I achieved this monumental task, yesterday! Tenacity does pay off sometimes at the expense of unfolded laundry and a late dinner. I googled, "how to make a grab button" and as luck would have it, I finally came upon a site that explained it in away that I understood. 
The site is awesome and I encourage all my blogging friends to visit there. Most everything is free and there is a wealth of information: http://www.shabbyblogs.com.
What does this all mean? Other bloggers will be able to copy the html code under the button and display my button on their site. It will create a link back to my site. I have had several requests, but no button to share. Bloggers are great at sharing sites with others, that they really like. I have several buttons of sites that I love, you can see them by scrolling down a way on the right. Try clicking on one, you can come back and visit me later. You can also view their sites by clicking on, Blogs That I Follow.
The wealth of talent that is out there is overwhelming and it my honor to meet and be inspired everyday by these wonderful people. Grab A Button If You Please! Have a great day!

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Monday, May 23, 2011


"God is in the details."~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe~ 
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, was a renowned architect. I think he may have visited here before he wrote this famous quote? I took this photo in New Orleans recently and I was truly amazed at the variety of architecture that  seemed to blend together regardless of style. It all just worked in an eclectic sort of way. 
If God be in the details, He is omnipresent in New Orleans. 
Look at the detail work in the Victorian corbel above, can you only imagine the hours of labor that went into this one fine piece. The skilled hands of a craftsman at work, someone who took pride in the finished product. There are thousands of such details here, some restored and some in dire need of repair.
Walking and photographing had it's challenges, the sidewalks uneven and the subject matter abounding. Thank goodness for digital photography, good shoes and great friends to share the experience with. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Say Ahhh!
"Look! Nature is overflowing with the grandeur of God!"~John Muir~ 
I took this photo in St. Louis, on our vacation. It was pretty enough but somehow just not interesting enough! I played with the layers, filters, brushes and the end result was quite pleasing for me. Just a little artistic enhancement to satisfy my photoshop obsession! The lens of my camera has helped me to see and realize the true grandeur of nature. By cropping and zooming I am now looking down the throat of this magnificent, Iris. Almost an invasion of privacy, so to speak, a place I would ordinarily never go with anyone human, at least! At first glance, I would have missed the miraculous workings of this beautiful bulb that transforms itself into fine art by, Mother Nature!
To look and really see from every perspective is a gift I would like to develop! 
"Dismiss not the ordinary, there is something extraordinary in all that we observe!"
~Rosemary Aubut~

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Old Door Theory!

Just Love Old Doors!
Of all the photos I could have shared with you, I choose this one. I'm not quite sure why that is, except that I can tell you, I am wild about the color. I love that this old door is well worn, that the paint is chipping and most likely if it could talk, it would speak volumes. It tells a story, the house that surrounds it, a real fixer upper! 
Let us then relate this to life! Yes, yes, yes lets go there! Come on now, I will try to make this painless, short, sweet and in your face! 
Who at my age doesn't have a story to tell and if you don't, you haven't lived. I'm telling you, it's the honest to goodness truth! If you run around pretending that everything is great all the time, you are just setting yourself up! You just as well put on that suit of armor and let the arrows fly, being careful to cover your butt for sure! 
Stuff happens and it is not so much the incident but how we handle it that counts! I read that somewhere years ago and it always stuck with me. If you can look back, know that you have learned from your mistakes and more importantly, did not repeat the incident, count it as a victory. A huge victory indeed! It all adds up to that story I mentioned earlier.
Have I made mistakes? You bet! Have things happened to me that I have no control over? You bet! Is my life perfect? No way! Have I learned from all of it? Hopefully so! Am I going to beat myself up over any of it? Think not! The story still unfolding, a few paint chips at a time. That's what makes us human, we are fixer uppers in the making!
I am in a great place in my life right now, if I were any happier, I would have to be a twin!
Crap, wouldn't you know it, I hear that the world is ending at noontime today! Think I'll eat that piece of cheesecake for breakfast!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I find it interesting that the Magnolia is the state flower of Louisiana. I had no idea, when I took this photo outside of our hotel. The pistil looks quite comfortable nestled in between the towering white petals. The state flower of Florida is the Orange Blossom and I must say that it is good to be home. We traveled for almost twelve hours yesterday without an overnight to sleep in our own beds. Home sweet home, it is so good to be back! Have a wonderful Day!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Have Enjoyed!

All Along the Way
My wonderful husband brings me to the best places to eat. Actually the food here was delicious. Well off the beaten path, it came highly recommended.
I have learned words such as, dat, y'all and N'Arlins and may be developing a slight drawl. I have met such wonderful people along the way. There was John, Reggie, Terrance, T Bone, Ian, Wayne and Mike. Each had a story and Judy says I just seem to attract them. There was the young pregnant woman who I let in front of me, waiting for the ladies room. She told me that she was expecting triplets and homeless. My heart just bled for her.
I learned to eat jambalaya, gumbo, grits, white gravy, beignets and had a lesson on how to eat crawfish. Crawfish are just mini lobsters, looks like someone shrunk them in the dryer!

 I took my first horse and buggy ride, rode the trolley, drank a Hurricane, which is a wonderful mixture of rum and fruit juices. I listened to jazz and the blues, took a steamboat ride on the Mississippi while it was cresting at it's highest level in years. Visited many galleries and shops and enjoyed learning about local art and artists. I now have a new favorite and will purchase a print of his online. The old cemeteries are awesome and no stay in N'Arlins would be complete without visiting at least one. 
I have witnessed who-ha's and ta ta's and pray to God that my grand-children don't visit Bourbon Street until they are at least forty!
Locals here are very nervous about the river cresting and wish never to relive the horror of Katrina. I pray that this magical place be spared and the farmers in the flooded areas be well taken care of. N'arlins an unforgettable experience! 

On the road again!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Garden District!

The garden District
The Garden District is located within the city of New Orleans, I'm guessing about two miles from the French Quarter. We purchased a full day pass on the trolley to explore this magnificent place. Such fun to ride.
"The area was originally developed between 1832 to1900. It may be one of the best preserved collection of historic southern mansions in the United States. The 19th century origins of the Garden District illustrate wealthy newcomers building opulent structures based upon the prosperity of New Orleans in that era."~google search~ 

Everywhere one looked there was a gorgeous mansion to view. Block after block, one prettier than the next. I loved the intricate wrought iron lace along with the gingerbread trim on this particular house. Many had their gas lanterns lit and were surrounded by wrought iron fences, others by brick walls. Kind of like several mini plantations all condensed into a city block, there are approximately forty of these blocks. Each home maintained to perfection. I later learned that this house belongs to actress, Sandra Bullock. Very good taste in houses, Sandra!!!
So much history here, there is so much to learn, one could go on forever! I love this city and will return someday. The natives are grateful that the tourists are back and we were treated extremely well by everyone. Off to the cemetery today to learn the history of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. Scary but fascinating, don't worry, I won't be buying a doll anytime soon! Maybe just a couple of magic potions, one for weight loss would be great! Have a great one!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Mighty Mississip!

The Mighty Mississip
Surely, if Mother Nature had been consulted, she would never have consented to building a city in New Orleans."~Mortimer Zuckerman~
The Mississippi crested at 17 feet yesterday, with a fast moving current of seven knots. The city spared once again, fortunate for tourists but unfortunate for others.

No one seemed at all nervous that the river was swollen and cresting at it's highest level since 1973.
The steamboat Natchez, paddled down river as usual with hundreds of passengers aboard. The ride was uneventful and we enjoyed viewing the city from another angle. We later walked the levee along the Riverfront, experiencing all that New Orleans has to offer. Meandering about the city we photographed many of the old structures and intricate wrought iron that adorned some of the houses. New Orleans is a feast for the architectural eye, one could spend weeks or months photographing here. Today we are off to the Garden District and maybe a horse and buggy ride later on. Isn't photoshop wonderful, with a few clicks I can age a photo just like magic. Love it, just got to love it! Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

A Very Magic Kingdom!

Jackson Square
“New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin.”~Mark Twain~
Kind of looks like a photo of the, Magic Kingdom, doesn't it? It's actually a photo of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square, New Orleans. My wildest expectations of the French Quarter, have been exceeded. The architecture, food, sights, sounds, and the finest specimens for people watching, from every walk of life, gather here, with or without most of their clothes on. Bourbon Street, yikes! The entire experience, simply, sensory overload. Life on steroids, so to speak. Not sure if anyone sleeps here at all. 
It is definitely not a city for the faint of wallet but somehow worth every penny.
We meandered thru the French Quarter, taking in the sights, for the rest of our first evening.
The wedding processions are awesome. Bride and groom led by a jazz band, followed by family and friends, on to their reception. Sounds like a plan for our next big anniversary, a few years down the road.
Our hotel in the French Quarter, was built in 1733 and I am convinced, haunted, but that's a post for another time. So much for ambience! Now in more modern accommodations, my husband is very happy, we even have hot water for one third the price.
We went to the Cafe Du Monde for their famous beignets, sinful just sinful. The mixture of cultures have produced some of the finest flavors I have yet experienced. I was told there are over 1000 restaurants here, where to eat next, our biggest decision.
 We took a city bus tour yesterday and today a Mississippi, Paddle Boat Cruise, with a jazz band for entertainment. Corny, but safe!
The city of New Orleans, truly a very magical kingdom.

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Decision!

America the Beautiful 

Driving southeasterly from Hot Springs, Arkansas to Biloxi, Mississippi was a big decision for us yesterday. Should we avoid New Orleans altogether? We chose to drive to Biloxi as it is east of the Mississippi and closer to home for a quick escape if need be. No cresting predicted for quite a few days, we drove parallel to the Mississippi for a short while. The drive was beautiful and the vastness of our country truly amazing. 

Acres of corn, peppers, beans, wheat, and cotton grew in harmony on perfectly manicured farmland for miles. The noble job of the farmer, well done. We drove thru small towns with names such as, Eudora, The Catfish Capitol, Tallulah, Millikin, Gassoway, Transylvania and many more for a total of 370 miles, arriving at our destination around 6PM. Biloxi is a beach like community bordered by the gulf, still recovering from Katrina. Casinos seem to be the main draw  and I must say, very well attended. A beautiful place to spend the night and discuss our next move. 
Well, a decision was made, we are going to pack John's, brand new Volvo, once again and backtrack to New Orleans, today. His car has the ability to chime to the tune of the Lone Ranger, when you cross the median strip, one to many times without using your directional. An icon of a coffee cup flashes and warns one to stop for a break. So much for the covered wagon and pioneer woman theory.
I am very excited as I consider this to be the highlight of our trip. My sense of direction seems to be returning rather nicely, must be that coastal internal compass thing!
Have a wonderful day!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Memories!

Sweet Memories
“Legends tell us warring tribes would lay down their arms to bathe in the healing waters in the Valley of the Vapors. For centuries, this misty Ouachita mountain valley was revered by Native Americans as a place of neutrality where all tribes could bathe in peace. In 1832 Congress set aside the natural hot springs site as a federal reservation, making Hot Springs National Park the first federally protected area in the national park system.”~google search~
Visiting Hot Springs, Arkansas will always be for me, a very sweet memory. At first glance it could be anywhere small town, America. In my minds eye I thought the hot springs to be a series of outside pools containing hot spring water, bubbling up from the ground. I really had no idea what to expect. I was truly amazed by the learning experience that would befall us. Wealthy, generations past, would come here to heal in the thermal waters. Due to the popularity of "The Golden Age of Bathing"  large and very elaborate bath houses were erected in a row, thus Bathhouse Row, now part of the National Park Sytem. The above photo is a small glimpse of their extravagance. Today, along with modern medicine they have lost much of their medicinal appeal. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the relaxing warm waters in one of the two remaining, working bathhouses. The others are now office space, galleries and museums. I love to visit a place I have never been before and take away the ambience of an era. Retirement, an ongoing learning expedition!
On the road again today!
Bathhouse Row

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow!

I sure am likin, Hot Springs, Arkansauce! 
Wonder what I did with that, Dale Evans, lunch box, anyway???
Maybe I can write about this tomorrow???

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Backroads of America!

The Backroads
Driving from Branson, Missouri to Hot Springs, Arkansas, was an interesting, leisurely expedition! There was a bit of a change in our plans, as the roads to Memphis are still flooded in some areas. John and Judy, have a passion for photographing old barns and I have a passion for photographing almost anything, so it all worked out very nicely. We stopped several times along the way and came across an antiquated amusement park. Many of the structures had collapsed, the area was secured, no trespassing signs were posted. At first glance, I thought it might be an old mining town. Judy found signage that suggested otherwise. Will, kept a sharp eye out for Cowboys, Indians and fast vehicles. This shot was taken from a two lane highway, around a bend and he had to warn us several times to step back! 

We were atop the Boston Range of the Ozark Mountains. Boston, an Ozark term for largest. Almost, rosary bead height!
It was a bit overcast, slightly hazy, perfect for photographing, the air still smelled of morning dew, warm and comforting. We passed many old structures and I couldn't help noticing that countless, rusted old cars come here to lie their silent engines to rest. Farm equipment was plentiful and stood proud, their job well done. Rural America in so many ways a place where time just seems to take it's time, truly appreciating the full flavor of everyday life.
Soon, I will be referring to myself as a Pioneer Woman, I do believe that I am beginning to develop a slight southern drawl! An interesting combination, very complementary to my already, Boston accent!  Off to the Bath Houses, today. See you-all tomorra, ya hear!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Raining in Memphis!

It's Raining in Memphis
Noah! Noah! N O A H! Yes Lord, how can I serve thee? Tell those idiots to turn around, it's been Raining in Memphis for forty days and I haven't decided to throw them a rainbow yet. The rivers are cresting and the streets are flooded, I knew they were coming!!!
Not funny to the people who live there but there's that little vacation dilemma thing going on again and our impeccable choices. We have survived, political uprisings, tornados, the assassination, of he who shall remain nameless and now the floods. With little time and resources to build an ark, yet, another decision must be made.
So we have decided to go to Little Rock, for a couple of days, then to Hot Springs to mine for quartz. Yes you read that right! Mine for quartz! It is the stone for positivity, maybe if I collect enough, I could send a box on up to DC. It's all that Judy's idea! Her sister is right, she is a little goofy! That's probably why I love her!
Then on to Memphis, the forecast is somewhat promising.
Not a very good photo today but you get the point!
On the road again! 
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends
Insisting that the world be turnin' our way
And our way!~Willie Nelson~

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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Side Trip to Heaven!

 Christ of the Ozarks
"Christ of the Ozarks is the third-tallest Jesus in the world. Already perched at an altitude of 1,500 feet, it stands 67 feet tall. According to rumor, or legend, it originally had feet, but they had to be removed to lower the statue to its current height, otherwise Jesus by law would have had a red warning beacon bolted to his head."
(for air traffic)~google search~
We took a side trip yesterday to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, home of the misfits where the misfits fit in. I have to tell you I was very comfortable there, although my internal compass, still amiss! They say this statue of Christ is erected, north Eureka, I am still asking for direction in more ways than one. There are natural healing springs here, it is a mystical place, populated by a very large artist community. Small boutique type shops lined the streets where artists sold their wares and the like, I was in visual heaven. I purchased an artsy pair of earrings to satisfy my earring fetish. No matter what I eat on vacation they are still going to fit when I get home! A very safe and practical purchase!
Driving the backroads from Branson to Eureka, I couldn't help noticing that Jesus, is King here. Small churches dotted the landscape frequently, crosses attached to traditional and untraditional structures beckoning the faithful to worship. In my minds eye I could envision country folk attending church fairs and could smell the apple pie, a very sweet way of life. 
The Ozark Mountains are reminiscent of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, I didn't have to close my eyes or pull out the rosary to ride their crest. 
It was warm and sunny day and a gift to be with such great friends. We haven't managed to p _ss one another off yet or least I don't think so???  Off to another show tonight, can't wait to see what I can see! How lucky am I!!!

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day
The things you never forget as a mom are the weight, length and time of your child's birth, no matter their age. Their first tooth, steps, words, bandaging boo boos, licenses, graduations and the first time they left home. Wow, where does the time go? Watching them go thru the teen years, young adulthood and finally finding their way had it's challenges and triumphs.

Standing behind them no matter what and loving them unconditionally is what mother's do best. To be there in their time of need if need be! To watch my daughter with her children is such a wonderful gift. She is the mother of three. I never knew I could love so much!
Sometimes I tease that they turned out OK in-spite of me! I guess as mother's we can only do the best that we can.
The two above are my greatest works of art, they are the masterpiece, of my life. I am so proud that they call me mom, but I am most proud, that they are two really nice human beings!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and mother-in-law, they still tell me they love me every time we speak! That's what mother's do!

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

On The Road Again!

Need Gas?
On the road again! Talk about a fish out of water! I have no clue where we are! Best I can tell, we are somewhere mid country, south of Canada! They tell me we are in the Ozark's. Wasn't that a TV show? Take me away from the coast and my sense of direction, poof, gone. Moving to Florida from Massachusetts was never a big deal for me, I consider Florida an overflow of Massachusetts, having two coasts. My sense of direction always in tact.

So, as bodily functions would have it, I needed a rest room. John suggested, Kum & Go, where they sell gas as well. Now close your eyes and think about that for a moment...... Maybe I was a little punchy, but I have to tell you I was absolutely hysterical. Come and go where they sell gas? I realized it was spelled differently later!
I have learned so much about food and how it is prepared here. There is no shortage of fried food, vegetable, fish poultry or game. You can order a whole plate of hog jowls, smothered in white beans and they throw in a King Edward cigar or Big Red chewing gum, as a side! 
SAY, WHAT! Maybe we crossed the border or something when I was napping???
All kidding aside, we are so fortunate to have such a beautiful country. The history here is bathed in the richness of tradition. Discovering this area for the first time is like seeing it thru the eyes of a child. We are in Branson, Missouri, and our biggest decision is to pick what show we are going to attend tonight. Hear they like country music in this part of the country. How lucky am I?

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