Friday, April 25, 2014

A Family Affair!

Our beautiful daughter Kathy, husband Brian, grandson Mike, grand-daughters Hannah and Sophia.
Baby gator about 2 years old...
Airboats, Wooten's Everglades Airboat Tours.
Busy otter eating some type of fish!
Grand-daughter Hannah and I shared my camera for a while. We were both fascinated by these giant grasshoppers. 
They put on quite a show and seemed to love the camera. I do believe they are called lubber grasshoppers and are about three inches long.
I only have eyes for you!!!
Follow me!
Hold on!
Room with a view...
Amazing creatures!
Hannah took this shot! Great photo Hannah!!! 
This sweet little deer followed us on the swamp buggy part of the tour! A great deal of history in this area.
Florida, Everglades...Mother Nature at her finest...
Smallest post office in the United States, Ochopee, Florida!
Grandson Michael holding his catch, a Speckled Trout. We enjoyed a fishing charter earlier in the week, in Matlacha, Florida. The entire family went and everyone caught a fish except Grandma. She was too busy capturing photos!
Captain Rick giving fish cleaning instructions! PaPa cooked Mike's catch on the grill for dinner! Yum!
An old boat resting peacefully on shore. Mangrove accessorized the shoreline for miles, creating a great place for several species to migrate. Snook and redfish were spotted but not interested in our bait. 

School vacation, always a great time for everyone! We enjoyed a fishing charter earlier in the week. The day started off very cool for southern Florida. Sweatshirts and towels to keep us warm. Down to bathing suits by 2PM, however. No one wanted the day to end so we stayed an additional two hours. Bladders extended we returned to dock about 4PM. What a relief!!! Lots of laughs and a great family event. We later enjoyed our catch on the grill. 
Wooten's, located in the Everglades, was a new experience for all of us. Alligators and North American Crocodile, reign supreme throughout the area. The family really enjoyed the airboat ride. The swamp buggy ride was narrated by Shelley Wooten, grand-daughter of the original founder. She was very informative and captured everyone's attention. 
We later dined in Everglade City. 
What a week! So blessed to have our beautiful family with us. They return to Massachusetts on Tuesday. 
Hopefully, with fond and lasting memories! 

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