Monday, June 25, 2012

Angel Kisses!

I have no clue, as to who these two women are! I do know that it was a joy watching them collecting shells, while strolling the beach, deep in conversation, seemingly not a care in the world, oblivious to my instrument of capture.
Are they just friends or sisters or sisters and friends? Why were they dressed alike or did they even know they were dressed alike? Twins, maybe? I loved the hats and their not so perfect silhouettes as they passed us by. "A nostalgic photo of days gone by," I thought. 
 Like the gentle rhythm of waves, friends wash in and out of our lives. They bathe us with kindness and understanding, some last a lifetime and some maybe not. True friends are the grains of sand that form a foundation, cementing our being. 
They are sent to us in our time of need giving us new perspective, when all seems bleak. A new chapter begins and  angels kisses have been sent our way! 
Viewing Boca Grande Pass, from Gasparilla, Florida, helped me reflect on friendships old and new. For granted, I shall never, ever, take my friends! 

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Funky Fish Pots!

Largest, 24" High
Medium, 18"
Small, 16"
Vowing to bring color and fun into my life and considering my home to be an ongoing craft project, I hand painted some very plain clay pots. They are whimsical for sure and make me smile. Having a primer already mixed in, I used leftover trim exterior house paint. Three coats later the terra-cotta color had finally disappeared. I used chalk to sketch in my designs, which is easily washed off to make any corrections or change a design. Then I just let my imagination run amuck. Poker-dots, stripes, squiggles and swirls, they are fun fish after all! Several coats of a clear sealer completed the job. 
I have them tucked away between shrubs or strategically placed so I can enjoy them from a particular window. Went to the nursery and asked what survives on sheer neglect and three Plumbago won the prize. Planted some pink vinca as well, I am told they are drought tolerant. Let's wait and see if they survive my southern green thumb!
One could say they are funky fish pots and who knows where they will swim to next!!! 
Just love that word funky!!! 
Have a great day!  

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Tropical Color!

A Day At The Spa!
Waiting For Hire
Take Me Away
Art For Sale 
These are the last photos that I will publishing on the subject of the Keys in Florida! I must say that I was inspired, just love color and anything tropical. My addiction for seascapes just intoxicates my senses and I will move on to other subjects soon, I promise! 
The above photos were taken at Robbie's Marina in Islamorada, Florida. We fed the tarpon and meandered about enjoying the artwork and hand made items by local artisans. 
Our next destination a five hour ride home and finding a good restaurant somewhere in between. We managed both and were ready to get back into the swing of our everyday retirement lifestyle. 
Enjoy a bit of this tropical paradise, breath in the fresh air, then close your eyes and just imagine! 

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

When I'm Sixty-Four!

When I'm sixty-four...
When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now....... 
I was 18 years old when this song was written in 1966, that was 46 years ago. It was released on June 1, 1967 two days before my 19th, birthday. Gosh almighty, what did turning or even reaching 64 mean to me then? My parents were still in their forties and my grandparents had either passed or were somewhere in their sixties. Sixty something seemed a far off destination, a remote thought, I really never gave it much more credence. Ah, the arrogance of youth! I was on the threshold of life, with many adventures yet to be lived and discovered. The Beatles were my idols and Paul McCartney my favorite, life was good! I was a true flower child, a hippie byproduct of the sixties, my strict parents would not allow me to go to Woodstock, however! Crushed and disappointed, I somehow survived and moved forward.
I'm here to say that turning 64 today has now become a reality, yet somehow surreal. The funny thing is that, that young person inside still exists, with perhaps more wisdom, a few more wrinkles (OK, a lot more), but still that desire to discover and learn, with many more adventures yet to be discovered out there on the horizon. Gosh I haven't even seen the green flash yet!
In many ways, living my third trimester of life, has been the gift of life itself. I am healthy, my husband, children and grandchildren are all fine, I am still needed and my soul still being fed by the gifts that opportunity allow. Still loving Paul McCartney, and my Birkenstocks too! Great sandals for anyone with plantar fasciitis, by the way.
I must say that turning 64 is pretty darn coooooool! 
I embrace it gracefully, a lucky person am I!!!
Peace out! Rock on! Wipe out! Am I mixing generations here???
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Jesters Of The Sea!

“I’ll make ye walk the plank and swim with the skarks if ye say that again!”~unknown~
Give me some space, will ya Buddy!
Excusez-moi madame!
Hey Wait For Me!
Pelican's are probably my most favorite bird to observe. Their antics are always amusing, a bit goofy by nature, their waddle comical in a very confident sort of way! Skilled scavengers of the sea, every photo seems to beg a caption! 

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