Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Winning Painting and Artist Statement!

Pia the Flamboyant Flamingo
My winning painting will be sold as a poster during the
Pine Island Art Association's 43rd Annual Art Show and Sale. Over 100 local artists will be participating in the annual event. There will be over 500 original works of art in pastels, oils, acrylics, watercolors and mixed media. All are ready to hang at affordable prices.
The show takes place in in the heart of the
Matlacha Community Park, 4577 NW Pine Island Road, Rt. 78,
just west of the Pine Island Bridge.
Dates for the show are: February 14 and 15, 2015,
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
All proceeds from the sale of my poster will benefit and further art education within the community.

My Artist Statement:
I best describe myself as a “graphic impressionist”. Rose, a graphic....what? Yes, you read it correctly a “graphic impressionist”! Two totally separate ends of the artistic  spectrum....right?

Let me explain, Lucy: The graphic side stems from my very rigid catholic school, good little girl, eduction. Color in the lines, and by all means it must look real! There was a nun at every turn enforcing the rules, practicing knuckle enhancement. In the eighth grade, Sister Attila the Nun, accused me once, of tracing my contest entry drawing. She ripped it up and threw it away. Other students came to my defense, they saw me create my masterpiece, but there was no changing her mind. Crushed and never fully understanding her tyrannical behavior, I forged on. My creative spirit, temporarily bruised and confused.

The impressionist side stems from my formal art school training. Let loose, take command, feel the art and banish the fear. As you can only imagine I was captured in a creative conundrum. The nuns and their inflexible rules, like sugarplums, danced joyously in my head. 

For many years I continued to struggle, searching for my style, longing to be both deliberate and fearless with each impending stroke. Life, children and other creative endeavors diverted me in many directions. It was easier to be sidetracked then to conquer my creative insecurities, and sidetracked I was. Now retired, I have the time to explore my first love and creative passion, painting. I am back in the imaginative cradle so to speak and comfortable with my gifts

Along with my very supportive husband, we retired to Southwest Florida in 2007. I have recently joined the Pine Island Art Association; one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m working with incredibly talented people, creating simply for the love of their craft and expression. 

“I am inspired everyday by my tropical surroundings; the aqua blues of the ocean to the colorful birds and gorgeous foliage, that never fail to capture my attention. My love for color is on fire. As oxygen is to my lungs, sustaining life, so does color sustain my soul and fuel my spirit. I benefit from a rare condition called Synesthesia. I see color before form.”

So how then do I merge my conflicting styles? Easy, I’m a Gemini! My colors are similar in either style that I choose to paint, however, I paint in both styles. At my age, I consider these dual personalities a blessing. Why then, can’t I own them both? It was suggested that I paint under a pseudonym. No, I thought, I want to claim it all! Hence, I am a “graphic impressionist” and I just never know who is going to show up. I am more apt to paint a fanciful idea graphically. My impressionist side, however, takes me wherever my spiritual guide, on automatic pilot see fit. Many times I even surprise myself. 

So from my happy heart to yours, ENJOY! Thank you my sweet little nuns! You taught me well!

Vase With Flowers...Impressionistic 
A Peaceful Place...Impressionistic

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