Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Real Men Will Do For Charity!

Calendar Girls
Remember these two?,
Hubby as Miss April
Back view  PRECIOUS!
I have thought long and hard about this post and I have to say what a great group of guys pictured above!!!
Sharon and Dave Van Leuven host a biannual event called simply to the residents of Lake Fairways as, The Vet Show. Sharon and Dave work countless hours along with about 60 volunteers to host this event attended by 400 guests. Many hours go into practicing and there are three acts resulting in eighteen performances. Very local talent is recruited amongst the residents. Every show is a sellout and people get down right rambunctious about getting their tickets and always a waiting list!
You just laugh till you cry and within every act a star is born!
The guys pictured above were in the grand finale and danced to the tune of Calendar Girls by Neil Sedaka. Alan Cristello headed the group.
You can view this on YouTube @
Great job everyone, I am proud to be a resident of this wonderful community!
By the way If anyone needs Easter Cards just give me a call, I know a very special bunny!

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