Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catch of the Day!

Catch of the Day
Who are these two handsome guys and look at that shark! My husband Will and his friend John on the left had an exciting day on Monday. They hired a fishing guide out of Gasparilla Island and their goal was to catch a black tip shark and have some steaks for the grill. Looks like they succeeded. John, an accomplished freshwater fisherman had never caught a saltwater fish, his home was in Illinois, far from the ocean's edge. Will on the other hand grew up on the ocean's edge in Massachusetts and has always had a passion for saltwater fishing. I'm not sure who was more excited about John catching a fish. The trip had been planned for quite some time and so the anticipation grew. Captain Mike Myers, took this photo and estimated the shark to weigh about 125 pounds. It took John forty minutes to land it on thirty pound test line. Will caught a 60 pound black tip and so the boat limit for the day had been met. Other species of fish were also caught and released.
We are so proud of you John and Will. I think it is a riot that you both dressed in lemon sherbet shirts without the other knowing. Looks like black tip will be on our dinner menu for quite some time. So typical of these two, they can't wait to invite more of their friends over for a feast. It is so wonderful to see such good friends enjoying their experience and zest for life. TIGHT LINES! 

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Louisiana Belle said...

What an awesome catch!! Wow. He's big! Y'all will have steaks for a while it looks like.

lisa said...

This is amazing Rosemary!
What a catch. Cannot imagine what that must have been like to pull it in!!

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