Friday, April 15, 2011

Growth With Proper Support!

Wisteria Vine
"In this garden's warm embrace dancing leaves dapple sun to lace."~unknown~ 
This photo was taken at the Naples Botanical Garden, it is so well planned, everywhere one looks there is a vision of beauty. The above quote was etched onto a marble bench adjacent to this walkway. The stone pillars are embellished with the gorgeous wisteria vine. This vine is very invasive and when well tamed and supported it shows it's beauty, unwavering.

"Wisteria symbolizes playfulness and adventure.
Among all plants, wisteria vines are the most vivid examples of nature's playful spontaneity. When they decide to grow, they grow without knowing where to grow to. They never miss an opportunity to engage themselves in a playful act with whomever they meet. The movement of the vine dutifully records the memory of its adventures."~google search~
Sounds to me like the wisteria vine be a lot like children. I was so fortunate to have had an opportunity to visit this magical place. One can only imagine where this impressive walkway leads to next....

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Louisiana Belle said...

That place looks like a peak at heaven on earth. The wisteria is so beautiful growing around those columns. Great story about them, too. I didn't realize they grew that vigorously!

Since I might not be on the computer much this weekend, hope you have a great one!

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful work!! Love how they are all lined up like soldiers!

charlottes web said...


I love the quotes that you find. And I love wisteria. But I didn't know that it is invasive. I have a friend that has been trying to train it over a pergola for years. I think it is rather slow.
I love the purple blooms.

lisa said...

What a gorgeous composition.
Wisteria is so very beautiful, and I have had one in the yard for more than 10 years, but it never blooms :-(

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