Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Story Unfolding!

Pure Genius
Back to the ocean and you know how happy that makes me!
Yesterday was a rose quartz kind of day! We laughed the entire day! The climate could not have been more perfect and the beaches were very well attended. We brought my husband's parents to see the magnificent sand sculptures at Fort Myers Beach. It was the local competition which will be followed by the world competition later in November. My mother-in-law and I bought ourselves YA YA hats from one of the many venders and off to the viewing we went.
If you have never been to one before, I must say the sculptures are captivating. There size alone can hold one's attention for quite some time. The pure genius of these artists, able to sculpt a story right out of a massive mountain of sand is a concept my brain can not seem to comprehend. I am not sure of the title of this sculpture but you can see the story unfolding. The sculptors have until seven this evening to accomplish their task.
The day was finished off with some dinner and dancing with friends, which is a blog for another time. Let's just say I have ice packs on my cheek bones from the intense laughter. It is amazing to me that my husband can do the chicken dance to the electric slide when in doubt, clear the dance floor and remain oblivious! Just gotta love him!

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hootnonny said...

Isn't it great to laugh with friends! The sand sculpture is awesome. I've seen them at exhibitions at a mall but never on the beach.

Louisiana Belle said...

Sand sculptures are so amazing to me. Beautiful!

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