Friday, April 1, 2011

The Beauty of Your Dreams!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."~Eleanor Roosevelt~
 Eleanor Anna Roosevelt (1884–1962), U.S. humanitarian and diplomat. Involved in a wide range of liberal causes, she served as chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, where she helped to draft the Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.~google search~
This precious little card was hand made by Aunt Pauline. She wrote that after reading my post on 3/19/2011, Colors of Spring, she was inspired to create with her own box of crayons. She used a stamping technique and added a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, above. My goose bump rating was that of a ten or maybe even off the charts. I will frame it and place it in a special spot where I can enjoy it on a daily basis.
Like, Eleanor you are a champion of human rights. Your journey incredibly challenging, you and Uncle Ron have handled your fate with grace and dignity. You believe only in the beauty of your dreams. You speak in defense of all that are "intellectually disabled." Humans need role models and you truly are the angels that walk among us! 

Thank You!

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Louisiana Belle said...

Look how your posts inspire people! What a lovely card made by your aunt. Truly beautiful and creative! Hope you have a great day, Rosemary!

hootnonny said...

Such a pretty spring bouquet from the heart. Lovely work by your Aunt Pauline.

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