Friday, August 30, 2013

Nostalgic Recipe! Cape May, New Jersey!

Add a cup of Cape Cod, a tablespoon of Martha's Vineyard and a pinch of New Orleans. Mix together and sprinkle with sea salt to taste. Savor for a few days, enjoy the beaches, fine dining and an area steeped deep, in history. Carefully bake at 85 degrees and smother with sun screen. You have created the perfect and relaxing sea side resort of Cape May, New Jersey!
We have wanted to visit Cape May, New Jersey for quite some time now. I am happy to say that I can finally cross it off my bucket list! However, that list continues to grow every time we visit a new area. Cape May, a bit off the beaten path of our usual interstate 95 route to and from Florida. Visiting our children and extended family in Massachusetts we are usually anxious to reach either destination. We bypass this little gem promising to visit next year! Well folks this was the year and we are so glad that we did!
Cape May, is said to be the oldest sea side resort in the United States. Located in the southern most tip of New Jersey, it houses over 600 historical structures. Many constructed during Victorian times.
We stayed in a bed and breakfast built in 1879. The stairs creaked all the way up to the third floor and the doors were hard to lock. I must say I loved everything about it. Hubby not so much! He is such a romantic! The inn keepers were gracious and breakfast delicious at, Beauclaires B & B. Located in the heart of the historic district, one block from the ocean. Such a treat! 
We enjoyed a historical tour of the district by trolley. Later we strolled along the tree lined streets and marveled at the beautiful and stately architectural structures that proudly reside here. My instrument of capture was happily engaged.
We viewed gorgeous porches, bay windows, roof ornaments, gingerbread trim, brackets, cornices, cupolas, finials, turrets, concave and convex roofs and other features to numerous to mention. All very inviting and a feast for the eyes. Sensory overload, all the while trying to envision myself living in these glorious times!
Very much a family destination, bicycles and people carrying beach chairs a very common sight! Horse and buggy rides carrying adventuresome tourists through the gas lantern lit streets, completing the evening ambiance.
We later enjoyed some fine dining, tablecloths and all. This experience put a great big smile on hubby's cute little face!
The adventure continued with our departure on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry, car and all! This was an awesome experience and very well done. The best part of this 85 minute ride, was that we bypassed the craziness of the 495 outer belt around Washington, DC. We encountered very little traffic all the way down to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Some light traffic in the Norfolk, VA area, then west to Emporia, VA, to catch 95 south. We stayed in Wilson, North Carolina for the evening.
The following day we made it through Jacksonville, Florida to St. Augustine.  We decided to stop here for the night enjoying a great dinner in the heart of the city. We last visited here about 15 to 20 years ago. Also an incredible destination.
Cape May, has left us with fond memories and cravings to return someday soon. Never to bypass this sweet little gem, ever again. At least that's the menu plan!!!
Glorious structures at every turn!
An invitation to enjoy at every glance! Cape May, the icing on the cake and a delicious dessert, never to be forgotten! 
So sad to leave our loved ones, but so glad to be home!!!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Simple Things In Life!

Afternoon nap.....
Sharing good food...
A cold one...
A roll in the mud...
Good conversation...
Picking yourself up...
Close friends....
Snorting, frolicking, resting, pugnacious and territorial, just a few words and observations to describe these amazing creatures. Watching their antics along with our grand-daughters, amused us for quite some time. Fourteen year old Hannah, also brought along her camera and the shutter buttons were dueling. Our laughter ranging from a mere chuckle to an outburst attracted the attention of others, a curious audience gathered. Our guess was that each weighed about 200 to 250 pounds. Rocky, a tenacious goose, snipped at PaPa's ankle as he walked by. PaPa, had ignored the signs to be careful of Mr. Rocky's rude behavior...

Photos were taken at our favorite vegetable stand, Alderbrook Farm, located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. 

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