Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 365!

365/365 Just a few of my favorites!
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” N.D.Walsch 
"Above is the quote that started it all! What have I got to lose, just go for it," I thought! 
With the encouragement of my friend Mary, my year long journey began on 
November 8th 2010 and what a journey it has been.
I did this for my self first and then it became clear that it was something that I could publish myself and leave as a legacy to my children, grandchildren and generations forward. They could get to know me in a way that I wish I had gotten to know my grandparents, they had all passed by the time I turned sixteen. There is so much to learn from our elders and we are not always ready to receive it as a young person.
I also thought that I could sell some of my prints online and I quickly realized that this was not about money at all, I had to take that factor out of it completely and then the blessings began.
I started e-mailing some of my friends and my email list quickly grew, my friends Judy and Peggy started their own e-mail lists and so my words of inspiration spread.
I was blown away by this, I started getting emails of encouragement from people that I had never met. People were telling me that I made there day or they had learned a new way to look at issues in their troubled lives. One asked if she could share some of my writings with her sobriety group! WOW! I began to realize the true impact of my words, somehow I was somewhat intimidated by this new responsibility. People need to grasp onto something positive, I thought there is so much negative in this world. 
 Just keep writing what you feel and not to worry, I vowed! 
I have had over 27,500 page views, nearly 1300 comments and visits from countries all over the world, some I have never heard of before!
I had to keep a balance between the very serious to the ridiculously funny. People need to laugh and life has it's ways of presenting us with loads of material to laugh about if we choose to see it that way. I have a bizarre sense of humor so I used that to my advantage, surely I raised a few eyebrows along the way. With new found confidence I proceeded taking more risks doing my own thing.
The ironic thing about all of this is that I honestly did not know that I had a knack for writing. In the beginning it was more about the photos and then it became more about the writing, I do believe I found a happy balance. 
Learning the many facets of Photoshop was also a goal.
 I'll turn every photo into a work of art, how very cool, I thought.
 I am truly amazed by the versatility of the Photoshop Program and have so much more to learn. 
My new family of blogger friends has been a great source of inspiration, there is such an abundance of talent out there and they are always willing to help. Many are grandmas just like me. Their wisdom hath no boundaries!
There were days I had no clue what to say but if I had a beautiful photo on my screen the words would just seem to come. I began to enjoy the wisdom of many who had left behind such insightful quotes their words humbling and inspirational. I learned quickly that writing your words and living your words are two very different things. Living your words is not always an easy task and many times they kept me in line, whispering in my ear.
I found that my brain was far more creative at 4:00AM, my sleeping patterns became erratic. Sometimes I would wake in the middle of the night with a great idea and quickly had to jot it down for it would be gone by morning. Some nights I could not shut my creative channel off, please let me sleep I would beg. So my new found dark circles are now permanent and I can't blame my makeup anymore, a small price to pay. I suspect there is a lot more to come and I have only scratched the surface so stay tuned if you please.
"I recently received this email from a friend of a friend it sums it all up for me...
I have inspired one, my purpose defined! 

Thank you all each and everyone. I have received far more than I have given, the abundance of my blessings overwhelming.
Yes I Can......and you can too!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our Formal Best!

Here we are folks my beautiful family at our formal best!
This photo was taken by Allicyn's grandmother with my camera!
It was so wonderful to see us all together on such a happy occasion,
looking all pretty and squeaky clean.
The line up left to right: Hannah, Brian, Kathy, Chris, Allicyn, myself, Sophia, Will, and Mike!
A beautiful memory to cherish forever!
Have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yes You Can!

" Our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
 ~Walt Disney~ 
I see the light, yes there it is thru the trees, I'm almost there just a couple of more steps 
I know I can do it, yes I can, yes I can!!! No tripping no falling just a short sprint to the finish line of commitment. Right there on the horizon! 
With just a couple more posts to go I have learned that I have accomplished much, I have so much more to give, there is so much more to achieve, to give much better than to receive! My purpose defined!
I just love the lyrics from the song below. Just sums it all up for me, hope it inspires you as well!. Enjoy!

Yes You Can
Lyrics by Donnie McClurkin
Listen, gather 'round 
I found something that you can use
And if you listen, well, 
I'm here to tell you, you cannot lose
A simple song, simple melody, 
to remind you that you can be
The greatest ever, defeated never, 
even though sometimes you may lose
Yes you can
you can do anything if you try, just try
Yes you can
but you have to believe 
and rely on what you have inside
You can make it through your trials, 
for your trials will just make you strong
You can do anything, yes you can, oh
Teach your children well, 
it's time to tell them just who they are
Train them as they go 
to let them know that they can go far
Oh my brother why do you wait,
tomorrow might just be too late
For God gave the provision, made the decision,
you can do all things through your faith
I can, I can, yes I can do anything
No matter what if you can just conceive it,
if you believe it, then you can achieve it.....

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Retirement Mode!

Amazing that we have been retired for a little over four years now it has really flown by. 
While working I use to think that I had everything in my life that I needed except time with my husband. 
Time, precious time a gift that is sometimes unaffordable. 
We can make time, use time, spend time, and loose time but we still need time to do it! 
Retirement comes and all of a sudden we have loads of time. 
This time comes with it's blessings and challenges! 
"Finding a purpose seems to be my greatest challenge and having the time to explore it my greatest blessing."~Rosemary Aubut~ 
Time, precious time a precious gift, there for the using, never for abusing!
Therein lies the comfort in knowing that time spent wisely is time to cherish!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

TV Mode!

I took a photography class last evening and here are some of the subjects we talked about: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Auto Focus, Manual Mode, Auto Mode, AV Mode, Program Mode, TV Mode and adjusting different options in the menu. Yikes how much of it did I retain, not sure yet will just have to practice. So much for getting out of my comfortable automatic setting zone.
 It is amazing how one little black box can keep me so entertained for such a very long time.
If I remember correctly I took the above photo with the class in AV Mode, think we were going for shutter speed here trying to freeze the water in place.
So much to learn, so much to retain, the more I learn the more I realize how much more I need to know. 

The instructor said it would all make sense soon and I did have a couple of light bulb moments! 
Simply can't wait until my next class.
Have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Very Special Day!


Posting some of my favorite photos before my 365 journey ends! I took the first shot as Sophie was running to a waiting swing set with Bear, she stopped for a brief moment to reclaim her shoe. It was a beautiful warm and sunny summer day with a gentle breeze with not a hint of humidity.
We packed a lunch, camera in tow enjoying a quiet afternoon by the river's edge. 
The playground was ours exclusively for most of the day. 
Sophie used Bear as a shield to protect herself from my camera lens on several occasions. 
Bear also doubled as a pillow as Sophie rested in the shade under a sprawling old tree for a short while. 
Bear had been to many a Tea Party and really needed a day out! 
Bear is several years older now a bit tattered and well loved and hugged!
Very special moments for this Grandma for sure! 
We later stopped at a general store, Sophie grabbed a brown bag and picked thru the penny candy which doesn't cost a penny anymore. A routine she is very much familiar with. 
She found a funny hat and posed for me what a great kid! Love her so! 
Some days you just never forget!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goblins Two!

Artsy 359/365
Our two little goblins Hannah and Sophia! 
Hannah was The Mad Hatter and Sophie a Purple Crayon! 
Their older brother Mike, now fifteen is way to cool to Trick or Treat! 
He went out to eat with all of his way to cool but very sweet fifteen year old friends.
The girls were adorable in the color photograph via my daughter's cell phone, but I decided to do something a little artsy today instead. 
Had some fun with layers and filters. Made a copy of the background layer followed by a line and pencil drawing filter. 
Reduced the opacity and erased around the girls faces. 
There you have it instant art ready in less than ten minutes. 
Got to love that photoshop!
Have a wonderful day!

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