Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Very Special Day!


Posting some of my favorite photos before my 365 journey ends! I took the first shot as Sophie was running to a waiting swing set with Bear, she stopped for a brief moment to reclaim her shoe. It was a beautiful warm and sunny summer day with a gentle breeze with not a hint of humidity.
We packed a lunch, camera in tow enjoying a quiet afternoon by the river's edge. 
The playground was ours exclusively for most of the day. 
Sophie used Bear as a shield to protect herself from my camera lens on several occasions. 
Bear also doubled as a pillow as Sophie rested in the shade under a sprawling old tree for a short while. 
Bear had been to many a Tea Party and really needed a day out! 
Bear is several years older now a bit tattered and well loved and hugged!
Very special moments for this Grandma for sure! 
We later stopped at a general store, Sophie grabbed a brown bag and picked thru the penny candy which doesn't cost a penny anymore. A routine she is very much familiar with. 
She found a funny hat and posed for me what a great kid! Love her so! 
Some days you just never forget!

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Tricia said...

Well, how cute is she?! I love that first sweet.

Emreen said...

Beautiful casual shots.. Cute little girl... !! The first snap is sooo lovely... I love the big brown bear too... !!

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