Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Goblins Two!

Artsy 359/365
Our two little goblins Hannah and Sophia! 
Hannah was The Mad Hatter and Sophie a Purple Crayon! 
Their older brother Mike, now fifteen is way to cool to Trick or Treat! 
He went out to eat with all of his way to cool but very sweet fifteen year old friends.
The girls were adorable in the color photograph via my daughter's cell phone, but I decided to do something a little artsy today instead. 
Had some fun with layers and filters. Made a copy of the background layer followed by a line and pencil drawing filter. 
Reduced the opacity and erased around the girls faces. 
There you have it instant art ready in less than ten minutes. 
Got to love that photoshop!
Have a wonderful day!

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Barb said...


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Very cute! :)

Lynn said...

You are so clever!!! Lovely young girls and such a fun rendition!

Pam said...

Show off! ;-)
I am stilll "in the dark" as to what my grandson wore for Halloween.
Maybe I will get creative and do my own version of what Parker looked like that night.
Good job...you truly are an artist!

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