Monday, October 31, 2011

A Witch's Brew!

A Witch's Brew 358/365
by Rosemary Aubut

A witch's brew I make for you 
A stinky stew a hearty brew
Health be not a scary thought
My caldron ready to see you through 
Sticks and stones and brittle bones
A stock of plasma boiling red
A smell to surely clear your head 
O eerie ghosts and goblins too
Come to me I will care for you 

O me O my what's in the sky 
My hairy arms raise on high 
 Bats swoop down to compete my stew 
Let chill my brew let curdle too
It best be eaten by the midnight light 
Raising your spirit to all new height 
Let your soul take to flight 

Yes my darlings come to me
 A scary witch that I be 
I love you all as a good witch can 
This Halloween Night be full of fright
Try as you might to break my spell 
There is no escape from this fearsome hell 

For those in doubt I can not cook 
I have my sacred spellbound book
A boiling pot I saved for you
To drink or not up to you
Happy Halloween!

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Grandma Deal said...

What a handsome old witch! I do believe I see some of my features in her face. Great work!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

That poem is hysterical! Great work, Rose! And I love the witch. So ugly she's cute!

lisa said...

Boo! to you my friend!
What a WONDERFUL poem!! :-)
And this photograph is just perfect.

Thank you so much for sharing both today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening, and a Happy Halloween!


Ruth said...

ooh! Very spooky! A great post :)

hootnonny said...


.............................. said...

Happy Halloween! Your poem is so fun and creative. I do think the old green girl needs to see a dentist though. I think she has been indulging in a bit too much Halloween candy after she finishes her bowl of stinky stew.

Anonymous said...

What a great poem for Halloween and byoootiful witch!

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