Friday, October 7, 2011

Hawk Eye!

Red Tailed or Shouldered?
So is this bird a Red-Tailed Hawk or a Red-Shouldered Hawk? On a recent golf cart expedition around the community golf course the other evening, Hubby spotted this very large hawk. At first he thought it a Red-Tailed Hawk and on second glance he wasn't sure. We looked up the species in our, Birds of Florida Book, only to discover there is a hawk called a Red-Shouldered Hawk. 

We both now think that he is the latter of the two.
Even though there is no obvious red shoulders here, the tail is black and white horizontal stripe, visible in the photo below.
He was pretty high and I wish I had a better lens to have captured more detail. Which ever he is I find him a very regal looking bird. 

I think this particular bird also looks very young as well! Below is a rear shot. 
Do you think these stripes make me look fat? 
Have a wonderful day!!!

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Barb said...

What great shots! so crisp and clear!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

It's hard to tell! But you certainly managed to capture him well. Hope you have a very nice weekend. :)

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