Friday, October 28, 2011

A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words!

A Thousand Words
Sometimes a photo just tells a story and we have all heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words!
I captured this photo just before entering a tour bus in Costa Rica. We had enjoyed a river cruise thru the Rain Forest earlier in the day. 
Over the past year I have come across it several times wanting to use it for a post in some capacity. This photo just speaks to me. 
I have no idea who this gentleman is, however I can only imagine his lifestyle by observing this photograph. 
I would say he is a man who works very hard and long hours to support his family. He is a man of modest means enjoying only the essentials of life. His work would be that of a farmer his hands rough and soiled, his skin tanned from the blistering sun. The animal by his side well groomed and fed. His shirt clean and pressed, he is loved and well cared for. A proud and honorable man, a kind man, rather quiet and soft spoken. 
I would say he knows that his efforts are most appreciated and keep him going. 
Well folks that's my interpretation of this photo and I could be all wrong but that's my imaginary story. Do you have anything to add? Can you only imagine his lifestyle?
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Roan said...

That's a great shot. I like taking pictures of people, but I'm always afraid they will be angry with me. I guess I'm too timid. Must work on that!

Pam said...

His beast of burden speaks volumes. Education is not the issue...but time is.
This man portrays a self made man. He is a student of this life and deeply seasoned in it.
Marinating in distrust, relationship, personal and valuable has come at a price. This man takes nothing for granted.
- Pam

Scrappy Grams said...

I too find it hard to approach anyone and ask if I can take his/her photo. Looking at your photo, and I see what I'm missing! I find your story likely for the photo. I'll be back!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

A truly stunning portrait, Rose! I love the edit or hdr processing you did. Makes him jump off the screen. I can't add any more to what you so vividly described. I think it's a spot-on assessment of this unassuming gentleman. Hope you have a great weekend!

hootnonny said...

God placed him in a beautiful land, and he's rich beyond measure. His eye is on the prize; he is not a slave to the so-called "progressive" electronics. He works hard and is honest and ethical and has no trouble looking himself in the eye while shaving.

Wonderful portrait, BTW!

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