Saturday, February 12, 2011


I fell off the dinghy of virtue yesterday, I'm trying to swim back to righteousness but Im still purging my lungs from those murky waters!
This being human stuff, can really be perplexing.

Now isn't that just a silver-tongued way of saying I need to live my own words. I do declare, that if I use enough of those darn verbs and adjectives, I can make almost anything sound good. 
Oh, by the way, it was so much fun!
I'm sliding in sideways Lord, hope I make it to home plate. Knowing that I try real hard, maybe you could cut me a little slack, call it an error and get on with the game, or at the very least could you please send me another good angel!

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Mary said...

I have heard the we choose to come to earth to learn, every lesson we learn helps us to become the person we want most to be. Everyone is really an angel with only one wing, we are best when we help one another. Practice makes us better.

Rosemary Aubut said...

Looks like God , listened and sent me another good angel! Thank You! Will keep on practicing.

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