Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can I Have This Dance?

Phyllorhiza Punctata, Australian Spotted Jellyfish
A Divine mystery as to the combination of cells and DNA to create these magnificent creatures! I was in a state of photo-mystical nirvana while observing the wedding dance of the universe, preforming before my very eyes!
I took about thirty shots to get just this one with some type of clarity, with no glare. A unique species, I had never seen before had to reside in my gallery of photos. They held my attention to the point of some sort of transcendent meditation. All around me was silent as I tried to capture their benevolent nature.
A gentle nudge from my grand-daughter brought me back to the reality of excited children and many more exhibits to view.
Find an aquarium seek out the jellyfish no matter their species and watch a command performance of a symphony in motion! No stress no worries, just a few moments in time to find a peaceful place in your heart!
Taken at the Boston Sea Aquarium, Boston, Massachusetts.

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!! <3

Anonymous said...
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hootnonny said...

This is worthy of a NatGeo cover!

hannah said...

This must be in the top ten of fine images I have seen over the past decade.

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