Tuesday, February 1, 2011



The day was ordered by the Universe and all events that took place could not have been more perfect. When it is meant to be, planets align and memories are forever etched onto the souls of all who rejoiced and participated!~Rosemary Aubut~

Did you ever attend an event where everything just fell into place? The combination of guests,
delicious food, music that made your feet want to dance all night, decor, simple but elegant and memories etched forever.

When events are planned from the heart with no personal agenda other than love, a certain energy filters thru and a great time is assured for all!
The beautiful pails above were nurtured all summer by my cousin, Susie, for a party she held in her husband's honor. Each table hosted one of these simple but elegant pails. She later donated them to a children's group. How wonderful and thoughtful. Her love was felt in every detail. A celebration we will never forget!

A wedding celebration, was held in the early fall and hosted by our dear friends, Sadie and Jack. Every detail was planned with love and the only requirement, that people have a good time. I assure you we all did! There was an excitement in the room from start to finish. Once again, planned with love, the only agenda.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and honored to be a part of their celebrations! Thank You, dear family and friends, for creating such wonderful memories!

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hootnonny said...

I agree...we are blessed to have wonderful people in our lives!

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