Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugar & Spice!

The Baby & Mostly Spice
Grandma's bragging rights one last time, I promise! This little munchkin is the youngest of three and quite frankly, just cracks me up! Her name is Sophia, however she goes by several alias', Sophie, Boffie and The Boffer! 
There are no filters with this child, she just tells it like it is. Family secrets and all! 
Very amusing most of the time, to me anyways. Best thing about being a Grandma, you can just sit back and watch the show and turn it off when you have had enough!
She loves life and people, has at least 100 best friends and wants to be a 
veg-er-tanarium when she grows up (you know one of those people that take care of animals).
She came from the same gorgeous parents as the older two, minus the freckles. She excels in school and finished all her vacation homework before she left and turned it in. The teacher gave her more. Sometimes life can be unfair, he, he, he.
She definitely colors outside the lines and marches to the beat of a different drummer.
She used to sing the Barney song with me when she was little, all the time. I do believe the only thing purple in this child's future might be her hair along with some type of body piercing. Banish the thought Grandma and start singing!
I love you, you love me 
we're a happy family 
with a great big hug 
and a kiss from me 2 you 
wont you say you love me 2. I love you. 
Someone get me a tissue! Pleeeeease!
Braces are in her future as well! By the time all three are finished with braces, their parents would have spent more than our first house cost! Yikes!!! 
She wants to move to Florida, because no one goes to school or works here. Oh my, the innocence of children!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE BARNEY!!!!!! i still know all the words!

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