Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Mike!

Big Mike
Grandma's bragging rights once again, for a moment please. This is my grandson Mike. He is the oldest of the three and a typical young teen. He loves to tease his sisters, shower forever, eat like a locust, play video games, hang out with his friends and run from Grandma and her camera!
This rare shot without him pulling a face was taken under the threat of confinement. I almost got a full smile!
He is a very polite and respectful young man. Mike, loves to draw and excels in this area.
He won a prize for a poster he designed at school. He plays basketball and lacrosse for school teams and loves to roller-blade, skateboard and go fishing and golfing with his dad, PaPa and Uncle Chris. Just an all around nice kid.
Mike is our first grand-child. My friends used to say he was like the second coming of Christ, for me! They would allow me only five, uninterrupted minutes of bragging rights. Believe me it was easy, but not nearly long enough! He was the cutest little guy you ever saw. I told him he could proof read this post before publishing. Lets see if that comment makes it!
Mike will be in braces soon and for the money it is costing his parents he had better start smiling a great deal more for his grandma's camera!

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Anonymous said...

awww he has to get braces? :( i find it quite funny how you threat him so u can get a picture! Have fun in Florida guys!

lisa said...

Been through the braces with 2 kids, and I swear, I should have been an orthodontist!!

He is a very handsome young man Rosemary.

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