Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank You!

Thank You
This simple photograph holds the key to future exploration in the direction of where I would like to bring my work.
Like anything else there are trends in photography. From what I am observing on the Flickr.com website, the trend is lightness and softness.
I am so honored to be a part of this incredibly talented group of people. They range from amateur photographers to the best of the best. I am in visual heaven when I review their work.
The one thing that I am most in awe of, is their willingness to help with anything you want to learn. Many create masterful textures, free for downloading and only ask for credit in return.
Many have tutorials for the sheer experience of learning.  We are allowed to comment on each others work and also ask questions publicly or privately. I have a loyal group of followers as I am loyal to them. I meet new people everyday. My talent is challenged always, to bring you the very best of what I have to offer with the knowledge I possess at that time.
Interestingly enough I have had the honor to meet a group of woman who I am guessing are around my age. I base this on the fact that they mention their grandchildren and photograph them with such love and admiration. Some blog and some are exclusive to Flickr.
I thank them each and everyone for their inspiration. They take my breath away!
A special thanks to Mary Beth Rigby Griffo for turning me on to the 50mm lens and her incredible talent. To Jennyw47 for taking the time to send me directions on creating the photo above, I so admire her work. To Betty, from Artistic Expressions, for her talent, blog comments and inspirational information. She lovingly calls herself Hootnonny. To DigiGi, who is a constant source of  encouragement. To Nana's Making Memories, Photo-istic, Lynne, and to all that create and share, I bow to your talents.

Above textures are from: Jerry Jones and The Coffee Shop.

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hootnonny said...

I love the airyness (is that a word?) of this and it looks like a wonderful direction to take. I'm working in that direction myself and your profound words and art are daily inspiration to me! Who knew that my work and words would be inspiration to anyone! Thanks for your sweet comments, and best wishes for a joyful and satisfying creative journey!

lisa said...

Rosemary -
Thank you for your visit! It is how I found you here, and I am so glad I did. Your photography and work is just stunning. Your blog is truly a find for me!!
Have a wonderful day.


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