Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Cherub that Stole a Valentine!

Love & Marriage
Now folks this is hardly the image I had planned for you today! Let me explain the folly of circumstances, kimosabies!
I made a special trip over to the mall to buy some of my old fashioned favorites and planned to photograph them soon. My writing would express my feelings related to a wonderful man and our long term relationship! Somewhere around 42 years, I'll have to do the math later!
Well let's just say that today, I'm just not feeling the love! Believe me it's OK, I'm sure it will return sometime in the near future!
I placed my precious bounty in a bowl for a couple of days, upon retrieval for the 

photo-shoot a mere handful were left!
I had an immediate suspect in mind, but now I needed the proof. I followed the trail of crumbs to the couch and low and behold, there heee was. Sitting in his glory, a large cherub, (thankfully not in costume) embellished with powdered sugar on his innocent little face. Quite smitten in fact.
Did you eat my candy, I asked? But I thought they were for me, he said!
Guilty as charged! There will be no heart shaped meatloaf for you this Valentine's Day!
The sentence is dubious at best, I'll most likely be feeling the love again soon! I might even find a restaurant that has real tablecloths and wine without screw on caps,($$$$$) for a special, Valentine's Day Dinner! Forgiveness is one of my better qualities, another one of those traits, for long term marital bliss!

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