Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding the Right Words!

I have searched the internet trying to find the right quote to express to my Dear Friend Janet, how much we care!
I probably read well over a hundred bereavement type quotes. Nowhere could I find the right series of words to express my sorrow, for she and her family.
She has lost three family members in a tragic set of circumstances. It is the kind of tragedy that happens to other people, never to anyone you know. 
My conclusion is that there are no perfect words. It is a feeling of helplessness that we hold so deep in our hearts.
She is a very strong woman who has always reached out to help others in their time of need. 
The caring that she and her husband displayed to all four of their dying parents and step-parent, at different intervals, were examples that set the standards high for all of us.
She is now called on once again to help her nephew, three thousand miles away, deal with the loss of his mother, father and grand-mother.
Just know, Dear Friend, that we are here for you when you are ready. We will offer up our prayers for all involved. What you and your family must face in the weeks and months ahead is a journey that no one should ever have to endure.
We care, Dear Friend, the dignity, grace and strength that you possess will carry you thru once again.
I long for the day when I can see you smile again! For as long as it takes.
I ask from each of you special prayers for a family in need!

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1 comment:

lisa said...

What a beautiful post Rosemary.
You are truly a good friend.

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