Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Pollen of Judgement!

The Pollen of Judgement
"Never judge anyone by another's opinions. We all have different sides that we show to different people."
Jacqueline Susann~
Isn't that just the plain old truth! Opinions float around like pollen, they can fertilize and nurture good thought and allow beauty to grow or they can create havoc and pain to someone with a weakened immune system and no self esteem to help fight them off.
A new neighbor recently asked me my opinion of old neighbor. She seems "rather strange" was her comment.
Now believe me I could have fed into this one big time. The shared opinion by others of this poor old neighbor is that she is bonkers and probably is! The reality is that she is a very lonely old woman who keeps herself imprisoned by the negativity of her thoughts.
I took a deep breath, and had a conscious mindful moment and thought of a statement that I inherited from someone, somewhere a long time ago!
My answer was, "she is one of life's colorful creatures." Well, that is a nice way to put it, replied the new neighbor.
Now trust me here folks, it gets you off the hook every time! "One of life's colorful creatures." Leaves a lot of room for thought for others to form their own opinions which they own, lock, stock and barrel. It also helps to keep you afloat the dinghy of virtue (blog: 2/12/2011). Your opinions are your business, let the positive ones pollinate and flourish, the destructive ones, well let's just keep them to ourselves! I promise, you will feel a whole lot better! 

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lisa said...

It surely does Rosemary!!!
This is a WONDERFUL post, and your photograph is just gorgeous!!

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

A very beautiful photograph and an interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Sooo very pretty & I love your swan shot a few posts down, too... gorgeous capture!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flower, beautiful photo and I like the way you've presented it. The upper stamens (??) on hibiscus flowers always remind me of little sucker-tipped alien fingers! :)

I see that you're a grandmother - which places you in a 'wisdom bracket' (and maybe of a similar age to me). You are so right. There comes a time, if we are lucky, when we look at others and start to realise that they are the way they are through life's blows. 'She is one of the colourful creatures' is, I think, the discrete and gentle way to diffuse that conversation.

LisaF said...

Your flower is gorgeous. And the wise words that accompany it are priceless.

Louisiana Belle said...

Oh, my goodness. Thankfully, my gaze was able to get below the gorgeous flower and read what you wrote! How true! What a gracious response to an ungracious comment. Being less negative and more loving is something I've been working on, and you just provided a wonderful example on how to do that. Kudos!!

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