Friday, February 4, 2011

Recurring State of Gratitude!

"I wish always to remain in the recurring state of gratitude!"
A very simple statement, however, a very tall order!
When I hear toxic statements, to a sensitive person, it's like chalk scratching on the blackboard of my soul! Now I don't pretend to walk on water, but I do wish there was some sort of rewind button that could make us all understand the toxicity of our unfiltered statements and how they impact the one's around us.
I find if I try to, just look around me and see gratitude in small things, this shakes me into the awareness of gratitude.
I have traveled afar and have enjoyed my travels, however, home, always seems sweeter upon my return.
I have seen the poorest of the poor in the streets with missing limbs, begging and I have seen the wealthiest of the wealthy and can only imagine their extravagant lifestyle.
Which plight would any of us trade for a day?
Let us assume for a moment, we choose the plight of the poor! Let's imagine what they might be grateful for, if given the opportunity!!!
On a basic level: Clean water, the sweet nectar that sustains life. Wholesome food that goes out of the front door of the supermarket. Clothing that is clean and mended and not rummaged thru and delivered in a black plastic bag. A stable roof, medical care.
Assuming that anyone reading this blog has all these basic needs met, where can we start to build upon the foundation and awareness of daily gratitude.
Lets start with clean sheets. Maybe even the smell of coffee brewing in the morning.
How about that scrumptious scone?
Let's start micro analyzing: A flashlight that works. A pencil that is sharpened. Two socks that come out of the dryer and match! Are we getting the picture???
Let me be always, aware and grateful, of all that has been bestowed upon me. Let me repel the infectious darts of toxicity. To hold my tongue when necessary and bestow an act of kindness in place of harsh words. This be the recipe for recurring gratitude, I do believe!

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Cynthia said...

So well said, my friend. I work to live that life myself and I appreciate every word you have written.

hootnonny said...

Beautifully said, Rosemary! I do love your writings as much as your images!

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