Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Being Silly!

Just Being Silly!
"I'll always be young at heart, because I'm to busy being immature. I can only hope that the rest of my DNA gets the message!"~Rosemary Aubut~
If you read yesterday's blog you know that my Cherub is on probation for heisting my photo props!
I was able to salvage a few remaining, succulent morsels from the fast track of his digestive system and ultimately the elimination from the bowels of his being!
Could Shakespeare, have said this any better?
I don't want to hear any flatulence over this! 
Some sophisticated adult potty talk can be handled with dignity if the correct words are chosen!
Now come on, don't pee on my cornflakes, just give me a little chuckle. You know it's funny!
Reach down deep, for that childlike sense of humor, that adulthood has robbed you, and say, poo-poo! Poo-Poo! Feels good doesn't it!
Just think how much better off the world would be if poo-poo were used instead of the regurgitation of vulgar four letter words we hear so often.
This is what happens when you grow up in a family with three gross little brothers who always found bodily functions funny! Quite frankly they made me laugh until the tears rolled down my legs. Bless you Mom, I know you tried!
Maybe I'll try to be serious tomorrow and bring you a morsel of wisdom and then again, maybe not!
Remember whatever binds you, may help you reflect! Just let it go!
How much would a psychiatrist have charged for that bit of wisdom?
The pasta in the photo is whole wheat, lots of fiber, just to keep things moving along!
In the meantime, I love you honey, you are the sweet nectar that sustains my being! 

Our love is solid!

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