Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Garden District!

The garden District
The Garden District is located within the city of New Orleans, I'm guessing about two miles from the French Quarter. We purchased a full day pass on the trolley to explore this magnificent place. Such fun to ride.
"The area was originally developed between 1832 to1900. It may be one of the best preserved collection of historic southern mansions in the United States. The 19th century origins of the Garden District illustrate wealthy newcomers building opulent structures based upon the prosperity of New Orleans in that era."~google search~ 

Everywhere one looked there was a gorgeous mansion to view. Block after block, one prettier than the next. I loved the intricate wrought iron lace along with the gingerbread trim on this particular house. Many had their gas lanterns lit and were surrounded by wrought iron fences, others by brick walls. Kind of like several mini plantations all condensed into a city block, there are approximately forty of these blocks. Each home maintained to perfection. I later learned that this house belongs to actress, Sandra Bullock. Very good taste in houses, Sandra!!!
So much history here, there is so much to learn, one could go on forever! I love this city and will return someday. The natives are grateful that the tourists are back and we were treated extremely well by everyone. Off to the cemetery today to learn the history of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen. Scary but fascinating, don't worry, I won't be buying a doll anytime soon! Maybe just a couple of magic potions, one for weight loss would be great! Have a great one!

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hootnonny said...

She's a beauty!

Louisiana Belle said...

Oooh, the Voodoo Queen! So fascinating. My grandparents lived in the Garden District - the smallest house in the neighborhood - but still. They died some 25+ years ago. I heard it was torn down at some point after Katrina. Great city! Wish I was there... Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

lisa said...

I visited here several years ago, and it was gorgeous!
Wonderful photograph Rosemary.

Anonymous said...

I love Sandra Bullock!!! and this house!!!

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