Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Love A Bargain!

Love A Bargain
"Finding a bargain on something you really love and also need is like a chorus of angels singing Alleluia, along with Jesus jingling loose pocket change, accompanied by Michael the Archangel, on the horn!"(not sure about taking credit for this one, but I will)~Rosemary Aubut~
Vowing to keep my new Florida lifestyle, simple and uncluttered, there would be no fabric on my windows. Just let the sunshine in, with every glowing opportunity.

Coming from a textile oriented family, this was a very tall order. My mom would visit and tell me that, I needed something soft, just above my windows. Well, turns out she was right! The starkness and noise levels needed some softening and so the hunt began!
I came across a linen fabric, I adored. It was $38.00 a yard, far more than I was willing to spend. I did the math and decided that maybe I could skimp and get away with less fabric. No, no, skimping is just not in my nature. I continued to look and nothing else seemed to measure up. Not even close, I would think about it. 
Visiting the same fabric store a couple of weeks later, I couldn't help notice
 the sale signs! The same fabric, $15.99 a yard and I had a coupon for fifty precent off. Suddenly the Alleluia Chorus began to bellow thru my being. Yes, just sweet music to my wallet! It was mine! 
Looking for lining, I came across the end of bolts and discontinued fabrics section and as usual I was sucked right in. There it was, in a slightly different color that would work for $4.00 a yard, yes $4.00, not coupon worthy, however. Sweet Jesus, I almost broke a leg getting to the cutting table. I'll take it all, I proclaimed. Any extra would become pillows and the like. Maybe I could even make myself a top??? I just love that linen rumpled kind of look. The entire project came to less than a hundred dollars including the lining, which was coupon worthy. I have enough left to make myself a string bikini, unfortunately it wouldn't be the fabric that was rumpled!!! 
You know, when it works it works, the planets align themselves and new creations come to fruition!!! They are just meant to be. Just love a bargain, you bet, just loooove a bargain!!! 

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Anonymous said...

Rosemary, you have me excited I didn't even find any fabric! tee hee
Good for You, Girlfriend.....I just love feel good stories like that! It was
definitely "meant to be!" I can see how it would make an awesome
window dressing and maybe even a dress for you! LOL Wonderfully
presented too! Hope you have another great day and find more bar-
gains along the way! ~Mary Lou

Julie Legg Photo said...

What a wonderful story Rose! I love your sense of humor. God's grace is always to be found if we look for it. Blessings to you!

Henrietta said...

Wonderful picture from so simple matter, I love it. Is that font free somewhere, I mean follow me text, it is beautiful:)

Louisiana Belle said...

Haha, this is cute. I'm not very good a finding bargains or have the patience to wait for one. Good for you! The material is gorgeous!

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