Monday, May 9, 2011

A Side Trip to Heaven!

 Christ of the Ozarks
"Christ of the Ozarks is the third-tallest Jesus in the world. Already perched at an altitude of 1,500 feet, it stands 67 feet tall. According to rumor, or legend, it originally had feet, but they had to be removed to lower the statue to its current height, otherwise Jesus by law would have had a red warning beacon bolted to his head."
(for air traffic)~google search~
We took a side trip yesterday to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, home of the misfits where the misfits fit in. I have to tell you I was very comfortable there, although my internal compass, still amiss! They say this statue of Christ is erected, north Eureka, I am still asking for direction in more ways than one. There are natural healing springs here, it is a mystical place, populated by a very large artist community. Small boutique type shops lined the streets where artists sold their wares and the like, I was in visual heaven. I purchased an artsy pair of earrings to satisfy my earring fetish. No matter what I eat on vacation they are still going to fit when I get home! A very safe and practical purchase!
Driving the backroads from Branson to Eureka, I couldn't help noticing that Jesus, is King here. Small churches dotted the landscape frequently, crosses attached to traditional and untraditional structures beckoning the faithful to worship. In my minds eye I could envision country folk attending church fairs and could smell the apple pie, a very sweet way of life. 
The Ozark Mountains are reminiscent of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, I didn't have to close my eyes or pull out the rosary to ride their crest. 
It was warm and sunny day and a gift to be with such great friends. We haven't managed to p _ss one another off yet or least I don't think so???  Off to another show tonight, can't wait to see what I can see! How lucky am I!!!

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Louisiana Belle said...

The blues and greens are so vivid! Love the Jesus statue and the story behind it. So glad you are enjoying your trip. Be safe. :)

charlottes web said...

I am so glad that you are having such fun. That was funny what you said about the earrings fitting no matter what you eat. LOL

lisa said...

This is magnificent.
It must be quite the sight to see.
Thank you for sharing it here!

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