Sunday, May 22, 2011


Say Ahhh!
"Look! Nature is overflowing with the grandeur of God!"~John Muir~ 
I took this photo in St. Louis, on our vacation. It was pretty enough but somehow just not interesting enough! I played with the layers, filters, brushes and the end result was quite pleasing for me. Just a little artistic enhancement to satisfy my photoshop obsession! The lens of my camera has helped me to see and realize the true grandeur of nature. By cropping and zooming I am now looking down the throat of this magnificent, Iris. Almost an invasion of privacy, so to speak, a place I would ordinarily never go with anyone human, at least! At first glance, I would have missed the miraculous workings of this beautiful bulb that transforms itself into fine art by, Mother Nature!
To look and really see from every perspective is a gift I would like to develop! 
"Dismiss not the ordinary, there is something extraordinary in all that we observe!"
~Rosemary Aubut~

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Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with this, Rosemary!!!
You've created a masterpiece with
this beautiful Iris bloom! And I love
your observations this morning....a
lovely read! Have a most wonderful
day! ~Mary Lou

hootnonny said...

I've looked down the throat of many an iris! Lovely processing!

Louisiana Belle said...

I am also getting bored with my photos and find myself wanting to go back to using textures again. I go back and forth. Love what you did for this lovely iris.

Evelyn S. said...

Fabulous choice of textures .... an iris is such a fascinating flower, anyway! Beautiful!

Anna said...

Your editing is spectacular! God's hand is seen everywhere in nature. We are so blessed to enjoy this beauty!

Henrietta said...

I really like your edit with Iris, good choice of texture, Beautiful.

lisa said...

Wonderful processing!
The color could not be any more beautiful.

lisa said...

Came here to visit before I'd realized that you'd linked this up at The Creative Exchange.

Thank you so much for doing so Rosemary!!

jo©o said...

A bearded Iris always gets my vote.
A blue one is twice as nice.

Linda Makiej said...

Very beautiful work!! lovely treatment!

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