Friday, May 6, 2011

The King of Beers!

The King of Beers
"The history of Anheuser Busch brewery started in 1860, when Eberhard Anheuser took over a brewery that was already located in St. Louis but was not at the time prosperous. Through the years, his family strengthened the popularity of the company, and today the brewing company is one of the largest producers of beer in the world. Its two most popular beers, Budweiser and Bud Light are two of the highest grossing beers available in the world.
The Busch family gained success in its first years by being the first beer company to use pasteurization to keep the freshness of the beer, the first to use artificial refrigeration for beer, and the first company to use refrigerated railroad cars to keep beer cold during transport. The Budweiser brewery was also the first brewery in the company to bottle beer extensively to send to outbound markets."~google search~
We took a tour of the Anheuser Busch Brewery, yesterday. The grounds are beautiful and  meticulously kept and the red brick architecture is magnificent and ubiquitous. The clydesdale horses are part of the tour and were an awesome sight. Who would have thought that brewing beer could be so interesting. The tour is free and and we received two complementary beers upon completing the tour. Music to a senior's ears.
1300 bottles and 2000 cans are produced each minute. This is a photo of their assembly line.

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Louisiana Belle said...

Interesting history of the company. Glad you are enjoying yourself! :)

Linda Makiej said...

Wonderful photos and info!! I find that I am a bit thirsty now.....
Have a great weekend! :)

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