Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Big Girl Button!

My New Button
I am so excited today, I can hardly stand it! I have a Big Girl Button!  Look over to the upper right hand column and you will see the above photo with a funny little code under it, in a box. 
I have made several attempts at achieving this goal with no success. I vowed I would not leave the computer until I achieved this monumental task, yesterday! Tenacity does pay off sometimes at the expense of unfolded laundry and a late dinner. I googled, "how to make a grab button" and as luck would have it, I finally came upon a site that explained it in away that I understood. 
The site is awesome and I encourage all my blogging friends to visit there. Most everything is free and there is a wealth of information: http://www.shabbyblogs.com.
What does this all mean? Other bloggers will be able to copy the html code under the button and display my button on their site. It will create a link back to my site. I have had several requests, but no button to share. Bloggers are great at sharing sites with others, that they really like. I have several buttons of sites that I love, you can see them by scrolling down a way on the right. Try clicking on one, you can come back and visit me later. You can also view their sites by clicking on, Blogs That I Follow.
The wealth of talent that is out there is overwhelming and it my honor to meet and be inspired everyday by these wonderful people. Grab A Button If You Please! Have a great day!

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Louisiana Belle said...

Yay!! Your big girl button looks GREAT! I was so honored to help you test it out. :)

I remember when I was creating mine, it took forever! Thank you for adding mine to your list, btw. :)

Have a great day!

hootnonny said...

Blogger doesn't like my comments lately. I know I left one yesterday but it's not here. And I can't seem to leave any on any blogs. So I arrived via Mozilla hoping to leave another comment!

Your big girl button is adorable! I grabbed it yesterday and it's adorning my blog!

lisa said...

This is just beautiful Rosemary!!!

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