Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Mighty Mississip!

The Mighty Mississip
Surely, if Mother Nature had been consulted, she would never have consented to building a city in New Orleans."~Mortimer Zuckerman~
The Mississippi crested at 17 feet yesterday, with a fast moving current of seven knots. The city spared once again, fortunate for tourists but unfortunate for others.

No one seemed at all nervous that the river was swollen and cresting at it's highest level since 1973.
The steamboat Natchez, paddled down river as usual with hundreds of passengers aboard. The ride was uneventful and we enjoyed viewing the city from another angle. We later walked the levee along the Riverfront, experiencing all that New Orleans has to offer. Meandering about the city we photographed many of the old structures and intricate wrought iron that adorned some of the houses. New Orleans is a feast for the architectural eye, one could spend weeks or months photographing here. Today we are off to the Garden District and maybe a horse and buggy ride later on. Isn't photoshop wonderful, with a few clicks I can age a photo just like magic. Love it, just got to love it! Have a wonderful day!

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hootnonny said...

I'm having such a fun time on your trip! Love what you did w/the Natchez.
And I agree with Mortimer Zuckerman!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Photoshop is wonderful but the photographer is great!! Nothing like being a part of history in the making. Have fun and stay safe!!!

Louisiana Belle said...

Man, love what you did with this photo! But it was pretty darn good to begin with. Hope your journey keeps bringing you many happy memories.

paul said...

This brought back memories of quite a number of years ago before Uncle retired. We had dinner and cruise on the Natchez while on a work related trip to New Orleans.

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