Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Backroads of America!

The Backroads
Driving from Branson, Missouri to Hot Springs, Arkansas, was an interesting, leisurely expedition! There was a bit of a change in our plans, as the roads to Memphis are still flooded in some areas. John and Judy, have a passion for photographing old barns and I have a passion for photographing almost anything, so it all worked out very nicely. We stopped several times along the way and came across an antiquated amusement park. Many of the structures had collapsed, the area was secured, no trespassing signs were posted. At first glance, I thought it might be an old mining town. Judy found signage that suggested otherwise. Will, kept a sharp eye out for Cowboys, Indians and fast vehicles. This shot was taken from a two lane highway, around a bend and he had to warn us several times to step back! 

We were atop the Boston Range of the Ozark Mountains. Boston, an Ozark term for largest. Almost, rosary bead height!
It was a bit overcast, slightly hazy, perfect for photographing, the air still smelled of morning dew, warm and comforting. We passed many old structures and I couldn't help noticing that countless, rusted old cars come here to lie their silent engines to rest. Farm equipment was plentiful and stood proud, their job well done. Rural America in so many ways a place where time just seems to take it's time, truly appreciating the full flavor of everyday life.
Soon, I will be referring to myself as a Pioneer Woman, I do believe that I am beginning to develop a slight southern drawl! An interesting combination, very complementary to my already, Boston accent!  Off to the Bath Houses, today. See you-all tomorra, ya hear!

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lisa said...

This is a wonderful photograph Rosemary.
I sounds like you are having a great time!
Would love to hear a combination of a Boston accent with a southern drawl!
Cannot quite imagine what that would sound like!!!

Louisiana Belle said...

I love the south, but I am from here so I'm partial, I guess. :) I do believe time moves a little slower here. Glad you are having such a good trip!

hootnonny said...

Sounds like fun folks to travel with. You're making progress, but you need to work on your "yall" a little more!

Anonymous said...

Love the Boston accent! haha

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