Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I Have Enjoyed!

All Along the Way
My wonderful husband brings me to the best places to eat. Actually the food here was delicious. Well off the beaten path, it came highly recommended.
I have learned words such as, dat, y'all and N'Arlins and may be developing a slight drawl. I have met such wonderful people along the way. There was John, Reggie, Terrance, T Bone, Ian, Wayne and Mike. Each had a story and Judy says I just seem to attract them. There was the young pregnant woman who I let in front of me, waiting for the ladies room. She told me that she was expecting triplets and homeless. My heart just bled for her.
I learned to eat jambalaya, gumbo, grits, white gravy, beignets and had a lesson on how to eat crawfish. Crawfish are just mini lobsters, looks like someone shrunk them in the dryer!

 I took my first horse and buggy ride, rode the trolley, drank a Hurricane, which is a wonderful mixture of rum and fruit juices. I listened to jazz and the blues, took a steamboat ride on the Mississippi while it was cresting at it's highest level in years. Visited many galleries and shops and enjoyed learning about local art and artists. I now have a new favorite and will purchase a print of his online. The old cemeteries are awesome and no stay in N'Arlins would be complete without visiting at least one. 
I have witnessed who-ha's and ta ta's and pray to God that my grand-children don't visit Bourbon Street until they are at least forty!
Locals here are very nervous about the river cresting and wish never to relive the horror of Katrina. I pray that this magical place be spared and the farmers in the flooded areas be well taken care of. N'arlins an unforgettable experience! 

On the road again!

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Louisiana Belle said...

Gosh, just when they are returning to a somewhat normal state from Katrina, they are threatened once again with water. Bless them.

You are making me homesick. All the things you are doing are the things I loved to do when I lived there. So glad you are enjoying! Makes me proud. :)

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