Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Old Door Theory!

Just Love Old Doors!
Of all the photos I could have shared with you, I choose this one. I'm not quite sure why that is, except that I can tell you, I am wild about the color. I love that this old door is well worn, that the paint is chipping and most likely if it could talk, it would speak volumes. It tells a story, the house that surrounds it, a real fixer upper! 
Let us then relate this to life! Yes, yes, yes lets go there! Come on now, I will try to make this painless, short, sweet and in your face! 
Who at my age doesn't have a story to tell and if you don't, you haven't lived. I'm telling you, it's the honest to goodness truth! If you run around pretending that everything is great all the time, you are just setting yourself up! You just as well put on that suit of armor and let the arrows fly, being careful to cover your butt for sure! 
Stuff happens and it is not so much the incident but how we handle it that counts! I read that somewhere years ago and it always stuck with me. If you can look back, know that you have learned from your mistakes and more importantly, did not repeat the incident, count it as a victory. A huge victory indeed! It all adds up to that story I mentioned earlier.
Have I made mistakes? You bet! Have things happened to me that I have no control over? You bet! Is my life perfect? No way! Have I learned from all of it? Hopefully so! Am I going to beat myself up over any of it? Think not! The story still unfolding, a few paint chips at a time. That's what makes us human, we are fixer uppers in the making!
I am in a great place in my life right now, if I were any happier, I would have to be a twin!
Crap, wouldn't you know it, I hear that the world is ending at noontime today! Think I'll eat that piece of cheesecake for breakfast!

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Dagmar said...

no wonder you love this photo so is so wonderful..the color is so appealing! good shot!

Anonymous said...

This is so true. Thanks for sharing. Gail F

hootnonny said...

Love those doors too!
And I didn't clean house all week...just waiting for the end!
Have a great weekend, Rose!

Anonymous said...

I just had to bookmark your story of the Old Door Theory, Rosemary!
Absolutely awesome and much needed by Yours Truly this morning!
I, too, love this old door with the peeling, beautiful shade, of blue paint!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, My Friend! Love your attitude!
~Mary Lou

Louisiana Belle said...

Rose, that door is amazing! I, too, am drawn to the color as well as the decay. So cool!

Well, it's 12:13PM in my neck of the woods and I have not been raptured. No one has, to my knowledge. Only God knows the hour and time of Ehe End. I think that "pastor" needs to educate himself more on the good word!

Butterbean Row said...

I love old doors too. In fact, I love that look so much, that I had my husband paint some large shutters that shade of blue, then distress them. They hang on either side of my dining room window.
I love how you related the old door with its chipping paint to our lives. You are right that it is how we choose to handle the situations in our lives that can make or break us.
I think that pastor is hedging a bit. Now he is saying that today is just the beginning of the end. The real end, he says, is October 21st. LOL
Like Gail said: only God knows the day and time.

Lisa said...

Well, its past noon for about you? Did you enjoy the cheesecake? I've sure enjoyed some chocolate...LOL!

Beautiful portal! I love light blues. Combine that with the texture you've captured...absolutely lovely! (And I'm wondering whats on the other side)

Jan @twoscoopz said...

I LOVE old doors and windows.
This one is fantastic!

lisa said...

I love this photograph Rosemary, and as always, your words to go with it are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE OLD DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just like u and my mom!!! this is creepy lol :D

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