Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beyond Boundaries!

Beyond Boundaries
"Put a fence of wall around a garden and there's now an inside and an outside. You've set off private from public and defined the garden's limits. There's a sense of belonging and of ownership, of stewardship over the land that the walls encompass. You've also defined the scope of your work and delineated the size of your canvas."~Linda Joan Smith~
I just love old fences and this one just lends itself so beautifully to the climbing roses that it supports. Look at the luscious color of the moss maturing comfortably on it. Character, yes this fence has character. I am sure that the salty ocean breezes create the perfect environment for these spores to thrive. Time has a way of encompassing what man has created, back into the waiting arms of Mother Nature. In this world of synthetics and polymers, give me an old fence anytime, especially bejeweled by flowers, sparking my curiosity into viewing what is beyond the boundaries of which it encompasses. 
Have a wonderful day!

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Pam said...

Fences....posers of what might be beyond...
Lovely, inviting picture! Thank you.
- Pam

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

I do love the juxtaposition of the weathered fence and the colorful roses. Beautiful!

Henrietta said...

That is beautiful and so much character like in everything which is old:)

lisa said...

This is gorgeous Rosemary!
I love the juxtaposition of the rough fence texture with the wonderful softness of the flowers.
Beautifully seen and captured!

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