Saturday, June 25, 2011

Putting On The Dog!

Putting On The Dog
While the family was setting up for a giant neighborhood yard sale, I decided to take a little break. As habit would have it, I grabbed my camera and wandered about the yard. Approaching a dogwood tree in full bloom, I captured this very engaged little black fly. I think she was feeding on the nectar of one of it's flowers. I guess flies eat almost anything, but I  usually catch them feeding on decaying matter and excrements. Yuck! 
Fascinating, I thought, upon viewing this capture, I never knew they were so hairy, as I am usually swatting at them, to annoyed to notice. 
Watching this insect go about her day, was truly a learning experience for me enhanced by the lens of my camera. I will forever think of flies, as wearing, little fur coats, patent leather wings and Dior sunglasses. Dining on some of the splendiferous food that Mother Nature, has prepared. Now, doesn't that just make this irritating little creature seem more tolerable??? Thank goodness for dogwood trees, as this photo of, Madame Flychincloss, would have never materialized! Have a wonderful day!
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hootnonny said...

I have a new appreciation for the fly. And I use the word loosely.

Have a fun day. Maybe you can find some good stuff for still lifes!

lisa said...

You are too funny!
Great macro!!
Hope you are having wonderful weekend.

Henrietta said...

Great shot but that fly really is ugly, sorry it is not your fault:) I cant help thinking where it might have been, somewhere really yak places:)

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Seeing insects through my camera lens is about the only way I can tolerate them. They are so fascinating once you freeze them in action. I remember being amazed at my first dragonfly shot, marveling at his alien face. This is a really great macro!

Genie said...

I love the accompanying commentary to your photo. It is descriptive of what was going on at the time you were clicking your shutter.You have gene me a new feeling about Mother Nature and her flies Maybe there is something nice about them. I am waiting to see it. Great capture. Genie

Pat said...

You do make her sound very glamorous! Now, what can you do for mosquitoes?

lisa said...

Just stopping back here Rosemary to say thank you for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great evening!


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