Thursday, June 30, 2011

Traits Inherited!

Traits Inherited 235/365 
"Sweat is the cologne of accomplishment."~Heywood Hale Broun~
The little wrought iron bench and table above are part of a four piece set that belonged to my mom and dad. Every few years it would get scraped with a wire brush and painted bright white. The set sat proudly in their front yard for many years. It now lives, still bright white, in my sisters yard. Freshly painted by my 87 year old mother! 
Visiting my mom yesterday was a joy as always. She asked me at least a half a dozen times if I were hungry and at least a dozen more if I were thirsty. Now this has nothing to do with her age but everything to do with the fact that she loves to cook and making sure we ate always a top priority. Always something warming on the stove or freshly made in the fridge ready to eat within minutes. Mom, now lives in an apartment attached to my sisters house. 
Dad who has passed loved his garden, flowers always in perfect rows, neat and color coordinated. He would spend much of his free time in the garden. 
It is a very interesting observation to see, which traits each of their six children inherited, from these two very hard working individuals. 
Speaking for myself, I love to eat but dislike cooking, everything is always frozen and ready for the microwave. l have a deep love and respect for flowers instilled by my dad, but I did not inherit the neat gene. My garden always hap-hazard, doing it's own thing. 
I did inherit from both of them, however, the love of family. I am never, ever afraid to get my hands dirty and sweat a little. I love to accomplish projects of interest. Gifts to treasure and DNA I am proud to own. 
Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Ha! I'm the same way about cooking. It is interesting to see the physical and personality traits that we inherit from our parents. Love the photo of the garden bench.

lisa said...

What a wonderful post, and beautiful photograph Rosemary!
I wish you a fantastic weekend.

hootnonny said...

It's wonderful that your mother can still paint her iron table and chairs!

Not only does your post give me a pretty picture and a laugh, it makes me think! Thanks Rose!

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