Friday, June 10, 2011

Art for The Sake of Art!

Art for The Sake of Art

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."~Edgar Degas~

OK, lets put on your artist's beret today and let's play artist. Please, just for one moment! 
What is the first thing that you see here? Does it evoke emotion, good or bad? Do you consider this art or just a photograph? Would you display it in your home? Is it to pink, to pale, to close or to abstract? The answer to any of these questions, lies in the interpretation of the person viewing it! A dear friend asked me, how do you know when enough is enough when it comes to photo editing? I guess the answer to that is I don't really know! I just trust my skill and my instincts, when I think it looks good, then it is done! 
Each and everyone of us has that ability! Oh, yes, yes, you do, you certainly know what you don't like, don't you? Doubtful, the question then becomes will it please others or meet up to someone else's standards? I think we must remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and that we certainly can't please everyone, trite maybe, but OH so true! 
"Doubt, lends itself to fear, the single most obstacle for any project to materialize."
~Rosemary Aubut~

Watch children create, they are truly magic, they just grab and do, no fear, feet first so to speak. It's when we as adult's impose our rules on their creativity that they become doubtful! 
  I say color outside the lines, people! Now grab that palette and go for it!! 

Have a wonderful day!

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Tiffany said...

Such a lovely post....picture and words!


hootnonny said...

Looks like art to me, and I'd love to have it hanging on my wall. I'll send you my address and you can send it on!

Gail Dixon said...

Gorgeous! I have this same orchid at my house and I've been meaning to photograph it. I love the pale outer edges and how the color deepens as it gets to the center.

As far as knowing what looks good and when to stop editing, some days it's a difficult choice and nothing suits me. Other days I know exactly what I want and make it happen. I have also looked back on things I shot and edited a year ago and thought "What was I thinking?" So much (for me) depends on mood or what is inspiring me that moment or day or week. Art is so subjective! And for me it's a day-to-day thing.

Great post! Really made me think! Hope you have a great weekend!

Henrietta said...

I'm so with you with this matter:) We are our own worst enemies in creativity...
Love the orchid macro.

lisa said...

I could not agree with you more Rosemary! And is is all of those different interpretations that makes us so wonderful as individuals!
Great post, and wonderful photograph!

Kathy said...

Funny, my kids always want to color outside the lines too... Hummmmm, Where do you think they get that from???

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