Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Best Show in Town!

The Best Show in Town
As I was just about to nestle in, on my comfortable couch, my husband said, "come on lets take a ride in the golf cart, it's a beautiful night!" Bring your camera, were the magic words and probably the only words that could make me move and so the golf cart expedition began! We circled every hole on the golf course with no luck. The ponds were still, the air warm and the light just perfect. I was able to capture a small squirrel, but somehow his capture seemed uneventful. We were looking for Sand Hill Cranes, which we had seen earlier in the day! Lets go over to Pine Lakes, he suggested, but my comfy couch was calling to me ever so softly. The light still perfect, I figured let's give it one more try, the comforts of home will just have to wait! 
My husband has the eye of an eagle! By that I mean the man can spot things in nature that my mind simply cannot comprehend! Suddenly he stopped the cart, "an owl, look there!" With a loud whooshing sound the large bird flew from the ground to a neighboring tree! Wow, his size and wing span remarkable. My adrenaline pumping, I approached slowly. 
He looked at my lens intently, as if to say "lets get this over with Granny, I'll give you your fifteen seconds of fame and that's it!" 
Just look at his magnificence, standing so proud and impeccably manicured. I got several shots when a small Mockingbird flew in to antagonize the situation, the nerve of this little guy! The owl flew off with an impressive departure, I felt the air move from the rapid flapping of his massive wings. 
The expedition moved forward, all proud of our captures. I really need to start using my DVR more, the best show in town is preformed at dusk, daily, right in my own back yard! 
My couch, well it will always be there to offer me a restful place!

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Louisiana Belle said...

Awesome!! Those dang mockingbirds can be so annoying and antagonistic! What a sweet hubby to ride you around for your photography. See how much of the world we're missing by sitting on the couch? I DVR everything so I can spend more time with photography and to zip thru the commercials. :)

Pam said...

What a partner to explore possibilities with!

lisa said...

Good thing you decided to take this ride Rosemary!
What a magnificent creature, and you have photographed it so beautifully.

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