Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Very Sweet Memory!

The common English foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, is a handsome perennial or biennial plant, whose leaves are used as a powerful medicine, both as a sedative and diuretic.
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I took this photo at Bayshore Garden Center, several days ago. I asked the owner permission to take a few photos and he kindly agreed. The entire center is a feast for the eyes.
The majestic foxglove will stop me in my tracks every time. They were actually my first introduction to perennial gardening many years ago, up north. My neighbor kindly shared a few, as they were taking over her garden. I was hooked! Year after year they did my garden proud. I loved their haphazard way of seeding themselves, wherever they saw fit. Some would grow as tall as five feet. Some years more bountiful than others. Summer breezes would capture their willowy stature, adding harmony to the garden. Perfect for eye level viewing.
A sweet memory! My then, seven year old son was helping me in the garden, or so I thought! As I was pruning, there was a peculiar silence, I turned to check on my little darling. With sheer horror, I screamed, most of my beloved foxglove were gone! Had I known the leaves were used as a sedative, I might of chewed on a few. There stood the culprit, forbidden garden shears in hand, looking at me with those big beautiful blue eyes, guilt written all over his sweet little face. "I was just helping you mommy!" Well if he wanted my attention he certainly got it! Later that evening he wrote me a note in a child like manner, apologizing for his misdemeanor. A note I still have to this day. My sweet son, I love you so! You have taught your mommy much!

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Louisiana Belle said...

I can never remember the name of that flower! I always want to say bluebell, but I know that's not right. What a sweet story about your son trying to help you. Poor little thing; he must've felt terrible that he disappointed you.

Lou Belcher said...

What a great treatment of this shot. Beautiful.


Nancy said...

I love this story as much as I love this photo, Rosemary. A unique treatment that brings out all of the lovely outlines of this flower.

Thanks so much for joining us at YSB this week. I truly appreciate your participation. :)

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